Who Plays The Poker Game More: Men or Women?

Poker is a thrilling card game that’s been around for a while now. The game attracted not just players but a whole lot of viewers as well. Moreover, people used to think of it as a game mostly played by men in fancy casinos. As there was a time when women were not part of such casino games. But things are changing, and more women are playing poker now than before. In fact, people aren’t aware of that much. However, women are even dominating poker tournaments worldwide. Let’s find out who plays poker more: men or women.

Historical Gender Differences

As stated earlier, in the past, it was mostly men who played poker. In fact, even when you watch a poker game in a movie or on TV, there is mostly a man being the main character in the game. Thus, this made it seem like this poker game was only for men, and women weren’t a big part of it. But of course, that’s not the case in the current world.

How Poker Is Changing

The poker game is different now, and more women are getting into it. In fact, you can check it by going through it online through your web browser. More and more women are joining this thrilling game. The reasons for the change are as follows:

a. Online Poker:

Nowadays, you can play poker on the internet. This means you don’t have to go to a casino or be around intimidating people. The online version was introduced to bring convenience for players. And women who were not able to visit the land-based casinos due to the traditional roles, have got the chance to try out their hand in the game. Thus, It became easier for both men as well as women to play from home. In fact, the time one saves by not physically visiting the casino is another aspect of Online poker to bring more women as well as men to the game.

b. Successful Women Players:

Some women who are really good at the poker game have shown that anyone, no matter their gender, can be great at the game. They inspire other women to try poker. Some of the big names, such as Annie Duke from Usa, Annette Obrestad from Norway, and many more women have successful careers in poker.

c. Getting the Word Out:

Poker groups and casinos are trying to include more women. They have special poker game tournaments just for women and programs to help women get better at poker. Such initiatives allow more and more women to be part of poker.

d. Learning Poker:

Nowadays, it’s much easier than in the past to learn the workings of poker. There are lots of resources online, and women can find support from other players.

What the Numbers Tell Us

Even though more women are playing poker, men are still the majority. However, the gap is narrowing with time. Here’s what surveys and studies show:

a. Playing Poker:

There are more men playing the poker game than women, but the number of women players is going up. As it definitely will take time as the gap was quite huge. But of course, with the change in time, women are coming up as more and more professional poker players.

b. Tournaments:

In big poker game tournaments, like the World Series of Poker, there are still more men than women. However, every year, more women join these events. In fact, there are many events where women did win the titles as well.

c. Cash Games:

In regular poker games, both online and in casinos, the gap between men and women players is smaller. Women are playing and winning in these games too. Moreover, you can look in online casino tables and find a whole lot of women poker players.

The Future of Poker

Things are looking good for poker. It’s becoming a game for everyone, no matter their gender. Men still play more, but women are catching up. The future seems bright for poker as a game where everyone, whether they’re a man or a woman, can enjoy and succeed. Thus, time is changing and such games are not specific to any gender anymore. It is all about matters of interest.


In the past, the poker game was mostly a game for men, but that’s changing. More women are playing poker now, and the gap between men and women players is getting smaller. Factors like online poker, successful women players, and efforts to include more women are making poker a game for everyone. Your gender doesn’t decide how good you can be at poker. It’s becoming a game where anyone can have fun and do well, no matter if they’re a man or a woman.

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