What To Do If Your Account Is Blocked At Online Casino?

Blocked account in Online Casino

In online casino nowadays, one can not only have fun but make money too. There are numerous casinos available online, in which you can create an account. Thus, with this casino account, you can play whichever casino game you like to play.

However, things are good until they run smoothly. On the other hand, there are many issues users face while using online platforms. Such as delays in deposits, glitches in a game, withdrawal errors, and many more. Though among all of those one problem is quite common and serious too. And that is the blockage of your account.

There are certain reasons behind this issue. A few of the most common ones are as follows.

1. Multiple failed attempts to log in

You might think that this is not an issue as everyone remembers their credentials. However, that is not true. In fact, it happens quite commonly in the world of online casino. Many users fill in wrong or mistype the words or letters in either username or password, to log in to their casino account. And, after certainly failed attempts, your account gets locked.

2. Violating any of the Terms and conditions

Yes, the stereotype is that none reads the terms and condition page. While creating a casino account, people make the same mistake. They proceed with an online casino without reading it and violate some of them without knowing about them. Evidently, the casino will block your account and you will not be able to use any of the casino’s features.

3. Duplicate account

As we all know, when we create a casino account for the very first time, the website offers the user a bonus. However, some create multiple accounts in order to get a free bonus again. You might be thinking that how will the online casino know about it? Well, all your information is in one place. Moreover, to withdraw you need to enter the bank details. And, here the bookmaker finds out about the duplicate account. Thus, they will not allow you to continue with either of your accounts.

4. Unverifiable account

While you put details to register yourself with the online casino, they ask for the document to verify your details. For instance, if you want to withdraw the winnings from your casino account. You have to submit a legal document to verify your bank details. However, if you are unable to submit any of those documents, you will not be able to continue with them.

Besides the above, there are ample other reasons too which can cause the clocking of an account. Such as the user’s involvement in any fraudulent activity or if any of the users is underage. Usually, the minimum age to play casino games is 18. But, some lie while creating an account. However, the verification documents do not let you hide them for a long time.

The solution to the problem

Since blocking accounts does not let you proceed with anything. In fact, you will not be able to withdraw the money you already have in your account. However, you need not worry at all. The solution to it is quite easy. You just need to reach out to the ‘customer care’ of the online casino you are using. Explain to them your problem, and they will resolve the matter.

If it is due to multiple wrong attempts, then they can easily unblock your account from their end instantly. As, this is not a big issue.

Moreover, when there’s a problem with the verification of your documents. They might ask you for another one or verify the details on call. Make sure you submit a clear and legible copy of your verification document. Customer care might ask for your email address and phone number too.

On the other hand, on violating their terms and conditions or involving in fraudulent activity, etc. all you can do is hope. Online casinos rarely unblock such accounts. In fact, duplicate account issues are also taken quite seriously. Sadly, you might not get help from customer care too during such violations.

All in all…

All in all, if you want to play online casino games without any interruption, just make sure you do know about their rules and regulations. Thus, responsible gambling will help you to stay on track.

Though if you still get stuck in such a situation, customer care as well as complaint service can be of great assistance. However, complaint service is resolved by customer care at last.

Therefore, have fun playing and betting on those games but with caution.

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