What is the better value: Deposit Bonuses or Free Bets?

The Online sportsbook offers a range of welcome bonuses. This includes both Deposit bonuses and free bets. The bookmakers offer one of the two types of bonuses to the new gamblers. Both kinds of bonuses are unique and offer specific features. 

For many years, users in Bangladesh were not aware of gambling practices. It was because the country has strong laws. The laws prevent physical casinos from operating in the country. Also, gambling is socially unacceptable in Bangladesh. 

But nowadays, due to the easy availability of the internet, punters in Bangladesh have become more familiar with gambling. Online gambling companies have made their way into the market. These companies operate from foreign locations. So, they do not fall under Bangladeshi laws. 

How does a Deposit Bonus Operate?

A Bookmaker matches your deposit up to a certain percentage and amount, based on your deposit bonus. For example, they could set up a 100% match bonus, worth up to BDT 2000. This could help the punters to get additional cash in hand before placing the bets.

Now let’s say if you deposit BDT 2000 under this offer, you would be betting with a total of BDT 4000. But the trick is, you do not get to withdraw the extra BDT 2000, whenever you want to. It is because those casino companies would start losing money if they allow users to do so.

Now, after satisfying the Terms and Conditions, you can withdraw the bonus. Or, you can continue to gamble more with extra funds.

What Value do Deposit Bonus Offer?

The average deposit bonus can offer you more returns than a free bet. In some cases, you may be able to earn even more than BDT 50 to 100 through one of these deals. It is one of the biggest advantages of the deposit bonus.

But, you also would have to meet a high rollover with these offers. By using this offer, you may need to satisfy a rollover of anywhere between 20x to 40x. Based on the wagering required and the deposit amount, the rollover charge comes in.

How Does a Free Bet Operate?

Many sportsbooks around the world offer you a free wager worth a certain amount. For example, you may qualify for a bet worth up to BDT 2000, when you actively play certain games. Or, when you register on a new online casino website.

These deals offer you an exciting opportunity to win back the losses that came out of the bet. You gain more profits by wagering the maximum amount that is covered in the offer. By doing so, you get opportunities to win more free bets.

Here is an example of how to take advantage of a free bet. Let’s say that you qualify for a bet worth BDT 2000. Now, you place a wager amount of BDT 2000 on the sum and then lose the bet. Now, with a free bet, you have an opportunity to get back your sum of BDT 2000.

Also now, you can withdraw the money, but you need to satisfy the Terms and Conditions of the company before the withdrawal. The key difference between both the deposit bonus and free bet is that you will not get a high rollover cost in free bets.

What Value do Free Bets Offer?

To achieve something in free bets, you must lose something first. When you win, you only collect your profits and move to the next game. Now assume that you win 50% of your wagers. Then, you stand a 50-50 chance of benefitting from free bets.

But in deposit bonuses, you get a reward, no matter what the outcome of the bet is. Thus, you must remember that you only stand a 50% chance of winning on free wagers. For example, let’s say that a bookmaker presents you with a BDT 2000 free bet.

  • Now, you wager on that amount and lose BDT 2000 
  • The rollover on the amount is 8x
  • So, 2000 x 8= 16000 must be wagered
  • 2000/16000 =0.125
  • 0.125/2 ( 50% chance of winning and losing)= 0.0625 per BDT is the rollover amount

Which Bonus you Must Choose?

Both Deposit bonuses and Free bets apply mainly to sports betting. The limitation with free bets is that it does not provide you an opportunity to earn extra money. You will not win anything when you win the first wager. The only benefit is that you would get insurance on your first bet.

A deposit bonus is the best option if you want to bet on higher stakes. It provides you a great opportunity to earn more money based on the deposit amount. We recommend you to go with the deposit bonuses, as you would have an opportunity to earn large free money.


Both deposit bonus and free bets have their advantages. But, the free bets do not offer big money. But, if you are looking for strict value, you must consider free bets. However, while going with the deposit bonus, you can score better money using a single deposit.

But ideally, you must go for a combination of both deposit bonuses and free bets to win big.

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