What is Quartz Blackjack & how to play quartz blackjack?

In early 2020, the service of NetEnt started a new blackjack silver studio. The main idea behind this concept was to create a realistic and a lifelike gambling experience for the live casino goers.

There have been for years manufacturers have tried to create something that is going to the gambling hall just like the real one. Well, it seems that it is now done. In order to please the players, the 7-seat player’s quartz blackjack game has been made online.

Let us first try to figure out what is quartz black?

What is quartz blackjack?

The game of quartz blackjack is a standard kind of blackjack that you can play in live mode. Rounds in the game are based on the turns. Thus, the seven players play a single round. The live dealer is going to host the game using the 6 cards deck.

Well, when it comes to the reshuffling of the cards, there are two options that you can choose. One is manual and the other one automatic. If you choose the automatic shuffle, then the dealer will reshuffle the cards after every round.

In case of manual reshuffling, the dealer will wait until the insert card is going to appears. This will be to reshuffle the cards. At the end of the round.

Well, you will be able to find all the information about the bets, and table limits, and by clicking on the table info lab. Your bet limit for every bet will be in the top left corner of the game screen.

Now that you know what quartz blackjack is, let us see how you will be able to play the quartz blackjack?

How to play quartz blackjack?

Well, if you know how to play the blackjack and are aware of its basic rules, then you will find that playing this variant is also easy to play. The main goal is to just get as close to 21 as possible and beat the dealer along the way.

Before every round is going to starts, the players are going to place their bets. As the table is only accepting 7 players, you are going to take turns pacing the bets according to the limit of the table.

When you finish this, that is the moment you will start to play. First, the dealer will deal the cards to himself and then two to each player at the table. Finally, the host will add one face-down card to himself.

Before the dealer reveals the value of the second card, you are going to play your hand by choosing one of the three possible options.

Well, you can either choose to hit, stand, or are doubling.

With the stand, you must choose to add additional cards to your pile. With the hit, you will decide to get an additional card. The double is going to add an extra card and is also going to double your previous bet.

There are times when you can choose to split but the option will appear only if you are getting two cards with an identical value.

You will also be seeing an additional option that the dealer will offer. This is going to be if his first card is ace.


You can also choose to take insurance in case the dealer has blackjack. Well, if he does not, then you are going to lose the insurance. You can even go ahead and take the money in the situation where you have a blackjack and the dealer has an ace.

In the quartz blackjack, the dealer is always going to be on the number 17.

Best strategies for the quartz blackjack:

You can also use the classic blackjack strategies to play the quartz blackjack. Well, there is no need for devising the different and more complex techniques as these traditional strategies have provided their results. They have proved to be very efficient as well.

Well, they are versatile as well. They will not only apply to this game but all the other classic variants in online or the land-based mode.

●      Avoiding the insurance:

The first thing that everyone who knows about the game can tell you is to avoid the insurance. This is a bad option for the players and it will take you nowhere in the term.

●      Find the charts:

Well, the charts are very useful if you want to master the game properly. There are various charts that you can use to check the precise move. You can use that move in the round.

●      Do not split the 5’s and the 10’s:

Well, if you can help it, then you must not split the pairs of 5s and 10s. The odds are going to be high if you are keeping your hard hands of 10 and 20.

And with the 10s, you will be standing on your hard 20. This I know to be the winning option in most cases.

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