What is Poker Blinds: Understanding Their Role in The Game

Are you a fan of poker? If yes, then you must know all about it. Therefore, when you’re sitting down to play poker, there’s a lot more to the game than just the cards you hold. One crucial aspect you need to grasp is the concept of “blinds.” Don’t worry if it seems a bit tricky at first. We are going to break it down into simpler parts, so that every player finds it easy to understand. Thus, in this article, we’ll take a closer look at what poker blinds are.

Also, there will be detailed discussion about how they function, and why they’re a vital component of the poker experience. The concept needs to be in the head of every poker player. Thus, we are here. Let’s get in.

What Exactly Are Poker Blinds?

Let us start with Imagining that you’re at a poker table, and you are all ready to engage in some card action. But before you even start, two players sitting to the left of the dealer have a special responsibility. The first player chips in a small amount of money and this is called the “small poker blind.” Following that, the next player contributes a slightly larger sum, known as the “big poker blind.” Don’t worry, these both terms will be explained below. Thus, you must read each and every point carefully.

Grasping Small and Big Blind Bets

The small and big poker blind bets are not arbitrary numbers. But, they are actually carefully determined amounts that change over the course of the game. Both of the terms are inseparable from poker. Because, the small poker blind is typically half of the smallest bet you can make in the game. On the other hand, the big poker blind matches the size of that minimum bet.

Unveiling the Purpose of Poker Blinds

Poker Blind serves a couple of vital functions in poker:

a. Initiating the Action:

The game has to have a starting point. The first step and betting amount is not random. In fact, poker blind ensure there’s an initial pool of money in the pot right from the start. Therefore, the initial sum of money in the pot makes the players push it more and fill it until one of the winners gets it.  This encourages other players to be part of the game as well as kick-starts the betting. Without blinds, players might not feel as motivated to participate. Thus, the poker blind undoubtedly give a start to the game.

b. Creating Tension:

Players who are in the blind positions are required to contribute money even before they see their cards. This adds a layer of pressure and excitement to the game. It makes these players think carefully about whether they want to play their hand or not. Also, if you as a player put something in the pot without seeing the cards, there will definitely be an urge in you to play and win that back. Also, some might think of it as a disadvantage. But, that is not true. Because everyone’s turn comes up to go for small and big blind. Therefore, it affects each layer equally.

Blinds on the Move

As we mentioned above, each of the players has to put blind bets. As the game progresses, the dealer button moves around the table in a clockwise manner. Also, this shift in position means that different players take turns being in the blind spots. Therefore, this rotation ensures fairness and prevents one player from having an advantage in those positions. Additionally, as the game advances, the blind amounts may increase, keeping the game lively and preventing stagnation. And most of all, no player feels that they have any kind of disadvantage over others.

Tactical Moves and Defensive Play

Though it does not mean that poker blinds are clearly a disadvantage. It depends upon the players. In fact, experienced players often use the blind positions to their advantage. Those in the small and big blind roles might attempt to “steal” the blinds by making larger bets. This can force opponents to fold, allowing them to win the pot without revealing their cards. However, players in the blind positions must also be cautious. They need to decide whether their hand is strong enough to play or if it’s better to fold and wait for a better opportunity. Thus, make decisions as per the game.


Poker blinds might seem complex, but they’re a critical element of poker strategy. They kick-start the game, keep it engaging, and contribute to the strategic decisions players make. As you play poker, remember that blinds are more than just numbers – they’re integral to the flow and excitement of the game.

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