Unfolding Crazy Time: Comprehensive Analysis of Stats, Results, & Strategy

Crazy Time is basically a live casino game. This is among the most fun games of Evolution gaming. It is a mix of exciting money prizes and of course the thrill and fun. There is hardly anyone who does not enjoy the lively experience of Crazy Time LivSte. This colorful game has a huge number of prizes.

It basically includes a wheel. And the wheel is divided into many segments. Also, each segment offers a unique multiplier along with the bonus games too. And also, the live host adds makes the game much more exciting as well as fun. The host is the one that rotates the wheel. And the players just guess and bet on wherever they think the wheel will stop. Yes, that’s actually quite an easy game to play. In fact, you do not need any special skill to win in Crazy time live.

Thus, we are going to discuss crazy time live in detail. Also, we will look into the crazy time stats, crazy time results, and crazy time strategy to win.
Let’s get in.

Crazy time statistics

Crazy time results vary as per the segments available in the wheels. That is how the probability is calculated that, at which segment the wheel is going to stop. Also remember, it does not use any random number generator to find the segment at which the wheel will stop. Instead, the physical wheel is spun and we find the result.
Now, the crazy time live in Evolution gaming has 54 segments. Now to calculate crazy time results, we need to check the probability of each segment. Thus, with 54 segments, each of the sections has a 1.85% of the probability.

Though we have the probability for each segment now. Next, we will calculate the appropriate crazy time results. Let’s say you placed a bet. First, we will see how many segments the bet covers. Let us assume it covers 10 segments. Thus, the chances of your winning is the multiple of 10 segments to 1.85%. That is 18.5%. It is as simple as that. You must be good at multiplications.
Thus, you can use this crazy time strategy to keep a check on your chances to win the bet.

RTP in Crazy Time

RTP is a short for Return to Player. It is also known as the expected value. RTP plays a great role in the crazy time live game. It basically tells you how much a player is going to get paid on winning the bet. Also the name expected value is put because crazy time is the game of pure luck. Crazy time strategy requires knowing the RTP for sure. To get the accurate crazy time results for RTP, we require two important things. And those are the Payout as well as and probability of winning. Also, the whole statistics of crazy time live depends upon the fact that for different bets the RTP is also different.

For instance, if there is one bet covering 21 segments, Also the payout ratio is 1:1 and probability is 38.85%. Thus the crazy time results for RTP is 96.08%. It means, with the bet of 100 you will get 96.08. By comparing these statistics, players can identify the bets with higher RTP and potentially better long-term returns.

The Gambler’s Fallacy

It’s crucial to understand that the results of previous rounds do not influence the outcome of future rounds in any way. Each outcome has an identical probability of occurring in every round, irrespective of past results. We call this phenomenon the Gambler’s Fallacy. To avoid this common misconception, players should base their bets on statistical probabilities. Also they must not make strategies as per past results.

Crazy Time Strategies to Success

Though we know Crazy Time is ultimately a game of chance. But, adopting certain strategies can enhance the overall experience and potentially improve the odds of winning:

1. Focus on High RTP Bets:

This crazy time strategy can give you huge payouts. Concentrate on bets with higher RTP, such as those with a lower house edge. These bets offer better long-term returns and reduce the overall risk.

2. Bankroll Management:

Set a budget. And stick to it. Just like any other casino game, crazy time live also requires you to play as per your budget. This crazy time strategy will help you play wisely.

3. Embrace the Entertainment:

Crazy Time is not solely about winning; it’s about enjoying the dynamic and thrilling gameplay, especially during the bonus rounds.


Crazy Time continues to captivate players with its innovative gameplay and enticing rewards. Understanding the basic bets, statistical probabilities, and effective strategies can help players approach the game with more confidence and enjoyment. Remember to play responsibly, savor the entertainment, and embrace the unpredictable nature of Crazy Time for an unforgettable gaming experience.

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