Top 5 Popular Casino Games At Betvisa Bangladesh

There are too many betting websites for casino games in the world. The bettors can choose any of the games to play and bet on. In fact, there are multiple options to bet. Such as casino betting, sports betting etc.

Now, reliability is one thing to look for in those sites. And, Betvisa Bangladesh is one of the most reliable online casino games betting websites. They have both an app and a website of Betvisa. The payment method is secure. Also, you can withdraw your win quite easily. Also, this platform has bonuses and rewards to play.

5 Popular Casino Games

Now, as we know they have so many casino games in Betvisa Bangladesh. And, we are going to discuss five of the most popular among them.

1.    Baccarat

This is actually quite a popular game in online casino games of Betvisa Bangladesh. In fact, not only on this platform but many other online casinos have this game in it.

Baccarat includes players and a banker. And, the player bets on three of the outcomes. Those are won by a banker or player or the tie. This consists of eight decks of cards. However, it depends upon each casino.

Starting from the player, two cards are dealt one after another to both player and the banker. Then they take the bets. Whoever is close to nine points, wins. And, if you want a draw, then one more card is distributed.

2.    Online Poker

Here is the another quite a popular game from Betvisa Bangladesh. Almost whole world plays it. And, they are available in both offline and online casino games.

In this game, two cards are dealt to each player. And, five cards are put on the table, facing down. Each player plays against every other player on the table. There are sets of rules to reveal the cards on the table. Firstly, three of the cards are turned up. Then one after another in the next two plays. The players use the cards in hand to make a strong series to win it.

The above is the general game of online poker. There are other versions too. But, the basic winning hand format is the same.

3.    Blackjack

Betvisa Bangladesh has another game in it, Blackjack. You must have seen this game in many movies. It is one of the most popular casino games in the world. There is another name for it in the casino world, that is Twenty-one. So, that game uses a deck of 52 cards. And, none of the players play against each other. Instead they play against the dealer. The motive is to get closest to the number 21. Crossing it will end up losing.

4.    Roulette

The most stunning game of all time. Roulette is a round wheel with numbers on it. Those numbers are  usually up to 37 or 38. In online casino games, roulette has its own place. There are a lot of users of this game on Betvisa Bangladesh.

In the game, the dealer rotates the wheel. And, a ball is dropped in the opposite direction. While the wheel is running, bettors place bets. No bets can be placed when the ball is stopped. So, if the ball stops on the number you bet on, you win. It is quite a simple and easy game to play.

5.    Sic Bo

Here is the last one on the list of five popular casino games. Sic Bo is a game of dice. There are three dice, which the roller rolls simultaneously. But, keep in cover till all bets are on table. Now, players bet on it. There are ample of variants to bet on. Some of them are, odd numbers, even numbers, triples, singles and likewise. But, the most general bets are as per the sum of the numbers on dice. These vary from four to seventeen. And, in the same way the house charges the fee between 3% to 31%.


All in all, from the huge number of online casino games on Betvisa Bangladesh. Above are five of the most popular ones. However, other games are quite interesting and fun to play too. But, do not forget to research about the game and set of rules.

Hope you find the content useful. WIll be back soon with a lot of such informative words. Till then, keep enjoying the betting games with caution.

Good Luck.

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