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Nowadays, if you want to fill your bank account, gambling is one of the ways too. But of course, you need to be smart and a little lucky. Some of the players are quite good at casino games. Also, they have won massive amounts of money through gambling. Therefore, below is the introduction of the five richest gamblers in the world. Also, those epic gamblers are definitely top in their profession. And of course their stories are really interesting too. You might learn a lot from their game plays. Therefore you can go online and find their games as well as strategies they use. But, for now, we are going to talk about all five. Let’s get in.

1. Bill Benter: The player Who Knows What Will Happen

Bill Benter is such a player who is well aware of numbers and stuff. In the world of gambling, he is at the very top. Bill started playing Blackjack in Las Vegas. And of course, he was so good at it. That is why after just seven years of his playing career, many casinos didn’t want him to play casino games anymore.

This is obviously because he was winning huge as well as consistently. Next Bill met Alan Woods. And both friends started to think about horse races. They also found a way to find the highest probability of which horse would win. Moreover, they created a software to help them bet. Now, you will be surprised to know that Bill Benter makes about $100 million every year. And also there are days when he wins up to $10 million in a single day!

2. Edward Thorp

Edward Thorp is simply a math genius. He was also really good at Blackjack. But he did not stick with that particular game. In fact, he even made a computer to help him win at the casino games. That was a great move by him in the world of gambling.

After the popularity he gained by winning at games, he decided to use his math skills to try his hand in the working of the stock market. Well that is another level of betting. He even wrote a book to teach others how to make money from stocks. Using his brain he built a net worth of $800 million!

3. Billy Walters: The Sports Betting Champ

Billy Walters is a guy who not just loves sports but has deep information about them. His gambling strategies helped him to be in the list of top 5 richest gamblers. When he was a kid, he started making money by betting on games. With experience he got better at it. Evidently, he commenced his own company to offer a platform to people to bet on sports.

He made a lot of money out of it. But he faced a few issues and therefore had to go to jail for a while. Luckily, he was set free by higher authorities. Before all that happened, he made about $15 million from betting on games. And we can only guess if those years were not wasted, how big would his winnings be.

4. Phil Ivey: The King of Poker

Phil Ivey is a guy who plays a game of strategy called poker. He won an uncountable number of poker tournaments which made him both famous as well as rich. He won over $26 million from playing poker in real places as well as on the internet.

People find it quite entertaining to watch him play. He’s like the king of poker. As he won ten trophies and of course a lot of money. Therefore his net worth is about $100 million,

5. Chris Ferguson: The Poker Wizard

Chris Ferguson is like a magician when poker cards come to his hands. Yes, another poker prodigy in the list. He also started playing poker when he was a kid. And eventually got better and better at gambling. He played a lot of poker tournaments and won 6 bracelets. Also, in 2000 Chris won the main championship. In fact, he’s the only gambler who won three special tournaments. In addition, he is quite good at throwing cards super fast as well. Well another skill to impress us all is cutting through fruits using the cards. Lastly, his total net worth is 80 million dollars.


The above five gamblers are no less than heroes of the casino games world. Their journey shows that you can polish your skills with hard work and use the same to earn money. From predicting horse races to playing cards, these gamblers have stories that are both impressive and inspiring.

They’ve shown us that with skills, knowledge, and a bit of luck, anyone can make their mark in the world of gambling.

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