The 5 Biggest Craps Secrets You Should Know

The game of craps is among the most famous dice games. Specifically in the US, the players of this game are huge in numbers. And, its craze is spreading all over the world consistently.

Basically, the game is about rolling the dice and betting on the result of the rolls. Players take turns rolling the dice. Moreover, go through all the rules of craps and get into all craps secrets before starting for the first time.

Also, choose the best online site to play this game. Whether you play the game of craps online or in live casinos, one thing you must inquire about in advance. That is the house edges. Even the house edge varies within the different bets you put during the game.

Now let’s focus on the secrets through which you can assist to win.

1. Practice the game before-hand

The very first and most basic of the craps secrets is, just to make sure to have enough practice before playing with real money. As new players can unwillingly go with the flow and lose a huge bunch of money. So, before making such a mistake, practice the game at home. We have a lot of websites and applications online, which provide games of craps for free.

Everything is like a real game, except the monetary part. It will give you a glance at real games. And, be patient with it. As it takes time to understand each part of the game.

2.  Get Acquainted with the possible and probable outcomes of dice

In the game of craps, two dice are rolled simultaneously. And, the combination of numbers from both dice is the final number. Now, you might think that it is merely a matter of luck. But, you are wrong here. Here comes another of craps secrets. There is a probability for each number.

The highest probability is one out of 6 is for the final sum is 7. The rest is, for 6 or 8, it is 5 in 36. Similarly, for the 4 or 10, the probability is 3 in 36. So, go through those too before starting.

3. You can object during the game

Let us understand these craps secrets with an example. Suppose, you see a foul play of an opponent while rolling the dice. He might not roll it well, or use the thumb to fix the motion of the dice or any other non-ethical act. You have the right to raise the dispute at any time during the game. You can stop the game right away. However, you must be certain about it. Else, it can backfire too.

4. Fix number of bets

There are times when a player thinks that placing too many bets simultaneously will help you win. They even calculate the final amount after all favorable and unfavorable outcomes. However, one of the craps secrets they miss is to take into consideration the house edge. It increases the edge of the house.

Thus you must keep a check over it. The best strategy is to bet on the outcomes which have the least edge of the house. It will give you consistent gains as well as a safe strategy to follow.

5. Be aware of sucker bets

Now, as mentioned earlier, there are bets which have higher house edges. Be aware of betting on those. Those have quite a high risk. You might be wondering if it is riskier than why players go for it. The answer is simple. Higher the risk, the higher the profit. They give huge profits to the bettors. But, as per the probability those bets have a minimal chance to win. Thus, the house always wins.

Therefore, just stay away from sucker bets.


Game of craps is definitely not very time-consuming to learn. Anyone can give a little time and effort, and understand it completely. But, the fact that you keep forgetting what you learn after losing a few bets, is definitely a thing to be aware of. Keep your senses open and observe everything. There must not be any cheating in rolling the dice. Also, when you go through payouts, check that out properly too.

Learning from home for free is the best option before sitting on an actual casino table of craps. And, do not skip the learning stage. As you might learn a lot by playing with actual money. The bankroll will be adversely affected too. So play with caution. Good luck.

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