Strategy & Game Guide For Blackjack Switch Game

Everyone must be familiar with the traditional blackjack game. There is another variant of this too. That is a blackjack switch game. As per it, the player bets on two hands. Also, the player can switch cards between both hands.

This version of the game was first played at Casino Royale. And, now it is available in both online and live versions.

How is it different from the traditional variant?

There are a plethora of differences between traditional blackjack and blackjack switch games. At first, at the switch game two bets are placed. Also, the game pays money equally.

When the dealer distributes the cards, players take them from one hand and switch them with another. Now the hand through which the switch was made, counts the combination of an ace and a ten as 21. No, it is not blackjack.

There is one more interesting difference between both. Dealer busts on 23 in a blackjack switch game. At 22 the players still can call.

How to play?

Let us understand the basics first. The minimum bet in a blackjack switch game can be as low as $1. And, the bets from both hands must be equal to the minimum bet set by the table.

Now when you are at the table. There are two circles in which you place the bets. And, the dealer deals two cards for each hand of the player. The dealer gets two cards. But, one faces up and the other face down.

Let us assume, the dealer gets an ace or a ten on the card facing up. Then they look at the other card. And obviously, if it is blackjack, everyone else loses.

Now if it is not a blackjack, the player’s turn comes up. Players with blackjack receive equal money. Now the player has the choice to switch the cards. You need to tell the dealer in a live game. However, in the online version, you have the “switch” button.

To ask the dealer to hit the cards, players need to tap on the table. Whereas, if you wave your hand on the bet. It does mean, you do not want to hit any more cards. Also, to double the bet, just put the equal wager next to the bet which is already there.

Next, it’s the dealer’s turn after every player is done. If the dealer got 23 or more, he busts. Else, dealers have it between 17 to 21. All hands are compared to him.

Please note, there is no facility for insurance in the blackjack switch game.

Strategies to discuss

Basically, we have three strategies that we can follow in a blackjack switch game. But before that, we must set the cards. The hand rankings are as follows:

  1. 21
  2. 20
  3. 19
  4. Pair of Aces
  5. 11
  6. 10
  7. 9
  8. 18 or 8
  9. Pair of 8s

Now, you should play those hands as follows:

  • If there are seven or eight, just make the weak hand higher.
  • Also, high hands must be made stronger against dealers’ cards.
  • If you are not able to make 20 or 21. Just keep the pair of aces together.

Now, coming to the strategy. We have hard hands, soft hands, and splits as the strategy.

Hard Hands

There are times when you do not have any ace at all in your hand. Or, if you have then it can easily be busted. Such are hard hands in a blackjack switch game. At such times, you must always hit if you have cards between 4 to 8. And, if you have 10, double the bet from two to eight. Else hit it. Likewise, with 11, double it from 2 to 9. And if not that, just hit it.

Remember, if you have a total of 17 or more than that, stand up without thinking twice.

Soft Hands

These are favorable hands with aces and can not be busted. So, at such times you must always hit with 13 to 15 in hand. And if it is 16, double it down against 6. Or you can hit it too. But, you must stand up with a soft hand 19 or more than that.


This is the strategy to use when the player gets pairs. With the pair of four, definitely hit. And, stand always with a pair of 10s. Also, If you have a pair of aces, split it always.


The blackjack switch game can get you huge wins as per the time you learn the strategies. The house edge is quite low too. It is just 0.65%. Also, you can choose the table with the minimum bet as per your purse. It ranges from $1 and goes up to even $15 too.

So, just enjoy the game with as many casinos as the game is available in, both online and offline.

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