Sports Spread Betting: An Ultimate Guide

For a particular sporting event, a ‘spread’ represents a prediction of what will happen in a specific market, expressed as a SELL- BUY range. Spread betting on sports allows you to potentially win multiples of your stake if you are right. However, if you guess wrong, you could lose multiples of your stake.

Financial spread betting is not the only spread betting market available. Sports spread betting is also available.

Sports spread betting vs Traditional sports betting

Fixed-odds betting is traditional sports betting, where you place a bet with state odds – such as 3:1 – on an outcome.

In this case, the bet is all-or-nothing: either you win or you lose the amount you bet, based on the odds you chose.

Spread betting, on the other hand, allows you to bet on whether a specific variable in a sporting event will end up above or below the spread set by the sportsbook. Win-lose outcomes are variable, not win-loss.

Profit and loss in sports spread betting

As opposed to traditional sports betting, a sports spreads bet does not have a fixed profit or loss. Rather, it depends on:

  • Describe your stake – how much you bet
  • The spread by which you won or lost.

Sports spread betting: what makes the difference between winning and losing

The spread is the most important factor in sports spread betting!

In general, the tighter the spread is, the more likely it is that you will successfully bet on an outcome above or below the spread. Spread bets of three to five are easier to counter than spread bets of three to seven.

Tighter spreads benefit sports spread bettors, just as they do with financial spread betting. Those who bet on sports spreads benefit from wider spreads. You should therefore look for sports spreads betting firms with tighter spreads.

A betting company may offer tighter spreads on football match bets than another, and you may want to set up accounts with more than one sports spread betting company.

Should you sports spread bet – how good a spread bettor

It basically depends on how good a bettor you are and how you are a good fit for sports spreads betting. There is a fundamental difference in the structure of spread bets as comparing to traditional sports betting.

Fixed odds bets reward (or penalize) you based on whether you win or lose. You can make or lose money in sports betting not just by being right or wrong – you can also make or lose money by how much you are right or wrong.

With a sports spread bet, your win or loss calculation is total by multiplying the stake by the number of points that the outcome is above or below the spread.

The outcome of a sport spread bet is not the only thing that counts. Every point counts too. This fact means that sports spread betting increases both your opportunity to rack up profits, but also the level of risk with losing bets. Unlike the case with traditional sports bets, you can lose more than your original bet stake.

The advantage of sports spreads betting

Several sports spreads betting firms will offer their clients credit for betting as an advantage over traditional sports betting. Spread bettors’ creditworthiness determine if they offer credit and, if so, the amount.

Sports spreads betting follow the same format as financial spread betting. So, if you successful with financial spread betting. Even, you can also succeed with sports spread betting.

Sports-related outcomes differ from financial instruments-related outcomes merely in what you are betting on. Also, it’s possible to be great at predicting financial market movements but poor at predicting sports results.

As with financial spreads betting, many sports spreads bettors specialise, focusing their bets in one arena. Betting on gold, precious metals, and football markets might be the only markets that financial spread bettors bet on.

How to improve your sports spreads betting game?

Spread betting on sports should treat as a business, just like financial spread betting. It is imperative to practice good money management and limit your risk when betting on sports spreads due to the risk involved (you can lose more than you bet).

If your loss reaches a certain number of points, a stop loss order will automatically close out your spread bet, just as with financial spread betting.

Become familiar with sports betting strategies by learning them and putting them to use.

Take advantage of the free sports spreads betting education offered by most spreads betting firms, and learn as much as you can before you risk your money.

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