Roulette variations you’ve probably never heard of

Playing roulette is fun. But after some time, there are some people who might not find it so fun after all. Too much of everything is boring and the same is with this game as well. But we are not saying that you need to keep it boring.

Roulette is one of the most popular casino games. There are rules that are attached to every game and the same goes for this game as well. There are variations to this game that are going to keep the game interesting.

Today in this post we are going to go over 7 roulete variations that you might not have heard of. Playing these from time to time is going to prove to be a lot more fun.

Here are the 7 roulette variations you’ve probably never heard of:

Alphabetic roulette:

The alphabetic roulette is a variation that is going to replace the numbers that you will see on the wheel and the table. It is going to be replaced with the letters of the alphabet.

There are 25 different alphabets that are A to X. you also have the possibility of getting the Y or the z. They occupy the same space on the wheel and on the table.

This is the game that is featuring 6 different colors and you are going to find 4 letters that correspond to every color. The space of the YZ is not colored. You can individually bet on the various letters that can be 2, 3, or 4.

You also have the power to bet on certain combinations of letters that are spelling certain words. Such as Pert, which will be P, A, R, T, Y.

This is the game that has at least a 4% house edge and it does not matter what bet you are placing. The alphabet roulette in the year 2011 at the Fitzgerald’s casino in Las Vegas. It has also got approval from the Nevada gaming board.

There is another variation of alphabet roulette which uses playing cards with a customized deck of 25 cards

Back 2 back Roulette:

There is also another variation that is known as back 2 back roulette. This is a variation of roulette with an optional side bet on the lucky numbers as well. If you hit the number twice in the row, then you will win 1200 to one on your bet.

This Is the variation that is available at the Atlantis casino in Reno, Nevada.

Diamond roulette:

The Diamond roulette is also going to add extra colors to the mix. Instead of just red, black, or green, the diamond roulette table is going to have certain colors such as black, purple, green, yellow, red, and blue.

Every color is going to correspond to 6 colors. The bets on any of the colors are going to pay at 5 to 1. At the table with 2 zeroes, the player will also be betting on a combination of a single color and the zeroes.

The bet is going to pay out 3 to 1 but the house edge is going to be 15.79%. Also, there is no even money red of the black bets with the variation.

Double action roulette:

The double-action roulette actually means mixing things up. Instead of having to play on a single wheel, this game also has two wheels. The one is going to be present around the other.

You will be able to bet on the numbers outside the wheel, the inner wheel, or both wheels.

The bets on the single wheel are going to have the same kind of payouts as the traditional roulette. The single number parlay pats from 1200 to 1.

Double ball roulette:

If the roulette game with the 2 wheels is not thrilling you, then maybe a game with the 2 balls will. This is a game that is almost identical to the traditional roulette except for the extra balls in the action.

When you are placing on the outside bet, then both the balls shall win in the bet. This is how you can be the winner.

On the inside bet, either of the balls is counted as a win. If both the balls are going to land on the inside bet, the payout will be double.

Prime time roulette:

This is the game that features an optional side bet on the 11 prime members on the wheel. A prime number is a number that divides by itself or by 1.

The bet is going to pay according to how many times in a row the prime number is going to appear. If it lands on a number that is not a prime number, then you will lose the side of the bet. The payout is more for the single prime outcome.

Rapid roulette:

Rapid Roulette is a casino game that is just like any other roulette. But instead of lacing the best of the chips on the table, you will place the bets using the electronic interface. It is fun but it does not provide the same feeling as the original roulette.

These are 7 roulette variations you’ve probably never heard of. Play them and you can win some serious money. Good luck!

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