Reverse Martingale Strategy In Roulette: How Does It Work?

The Reverse Martingale Strategy has been in the game for ages. They also know it as Paroli. We have evidence for the same from the sixteenth century. It was used in Italy for the game of Basset. However, now it is used in almost all games. It helps to enhance your chances of winning. It takes the probability to 50%. You can use it in games like, blackjack, craps, sic bo, and likewise.

Working on Reverse Martingale Strategy

First, let us understand the Martingale strategy. As per it, the player doubles the bet on each loss. And, cut it all when they win. For instance, we placed a bet for $5. But we lost the first bet. Next, we will bet $10. If we win this time, it will help us cover the earlier loss as well as earn a profit. And, if we still lose then again double the bet.

On the other hand, if you placed the first bet for $100 and won. Then place the next one for $50. It will decrease the risk of losing to nil. As you are betting from the profit earned.

Now, coming to the Reverse Martingale Strategy. As the name suggests, it is completely in contrast to the original one. In this, you keep doubling the bet when you win. However, on losing, you just keep betting the same amount. This amount is the lowest possible amount you can bet.

Now let’s say you are winning continuously. But, whenever you lose, start from the lowest price again.

In Roulette, it is usually seen that people either win or lose in a continuous manner. Therefore, this strategy is known to be the safest. But of course, do not rely on it blindly.


During the game of roulette, Reverse Martingale Strategy comes in quite handy. In fact, it is extremely helpful for new players.

As you are betting a tiny amount on a losing streak. You do not lose a lot. On the other hand, when you win continuously, you earn huge. And, you are not even betting your own money by then.


Every coin has two sides. And, so is this. Though you might not lose much money. But, you can lose a high number of games. The winning probability with this technique is below %50. There is a green slot in roulette. Due to this the chances of winning using the Reverse Martingale Strategy is 46.3%. Also, if you are a fan of American roulette. Then you’re going to lose even more.

Another drawback of this strategy is finding when to stop. Usually, when people win, they keep betting. But obviously, you can not win forever. Therefore, you must be cautious to realize the right moment to stop before losing the whole.

How to use this strategy?

There are many ways to use the Reverse Martingale Strategy. But how to use it right, is the real question. Because without an appropriate approach you are just going to blame the strategy after losing in the end.

Firstly, you can opt for an aggressive approach. You can have a maximum winning streak of eight or nine. Believe me, you can not win more than that continuously. As this is the table limit. Even chances for this long streak are also low. But, just do not think of crossing this. Else, you will end up losing.

There is another and safer approach to this. It is called the 3-step Reverse Martingale Strategy. As per this, just keep doubling your bet for three consecutive wins. Then come back to the base bid. This strategy will assure that you keep the maximum winning. And, the chances of losing your money fall to a minimum.


If you have reached this far, you must have understood the Reverse Martingale Strategy. But, do not forget that this strategy needs appropriate applicability. Also, the house tries its best to not let you win. You must know that it will not always make you win. It is just a trick to keep you from huge losses.

At last, keep a check on your aggression. You must play to cover your losses. If you lose, just accept it. And, leave the table.

Even if you are winning. Stay calm and put an end to your betting when you are winning. Ending at the right time will make you keep your winning amount with you.

Hope you find this article informative. Play safe and enjoy the game. Good Luck!!!!

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