Popular Online Casino Games in Bangladesh

Bangladesh, a small Islamic country in south-east Asia, is slowly attracting plenty of online casino companies around the globe. There are various restrictions imposed on every form of gambling because it is an Islamic country. But how do so many online gambling companies make their way into a strict market such as Bangladesh?

They do because there are certain loopholes in the Bangladeshi anti-gambling laws. This has caught the attention of some online gambling companies as well. Online gambling is not mentioned in the laws. Due to this, these companies work freely without falling prey to the anti-gambling laws.

Listed below are a few online casino games that have become highly popular in the recent past in Bangladesh


The game of slots is played on a slot machine, also known as a poker machine. It creates a game of chance for customers and requires great luck to win. The physical slot machine has a mechanical lever that is pulled by the players.

Different shapes of reels appear on the screen. To decide a winner, the same shape should appear on all the screens when the player pulls the lever. The lever is replaced by a keyboard button in an online slot game. It creates an exact simulation of physical slot gaming.

As a beginner, some of the common slot tips and tricks that you must remember are-

  • Making good use of free spins
  • Practicing with fake money first
  • Start with small investments
  • Do not fall into lucrative traps


Like Slots, Roulette too is a game of chance and the most famous casino game as well. The idea is to choose a bet first on a number and in online roulette, you have unlimited time to choose a bet. After choosing the bet, you need to spin the wheel.

You are allocated a button on the computer screen, which makes the roulette wheel spin. Then you have to be patient by pressing the button and then wait for the ball to land on your chosen bet. Once the ball lands on your chosen number, you are rewarded with a cash prize.

Some of the common roulette strategies include-

  • Trying a betting system first
  • Understand risks and rewards properly before placing bets
  • Always know when to quit
  • Try practicing initial bets with small investments 


Traditional poker might be intimidating to some and played in big casinos or pubs and generally played at higher stakes. But with the advent of online poker, it has become easier to play at lower stakes too. This has made the game more affordable and commercial.

Online poker is also relatively free from fraud and cheating. In offline poker, the players usually guess the card patterns of their competitors when they sit next to each other. 

Some common poker tips and strategies for beginners are-

  • Study poker hand rankings and bets
  • Start with low stakes
  • Try learning the poker odds first
  • Learn to fold
  • Need to be patient as the games do not guarantee instant success.


Blackjack contains a deck of 52 cards where each player competes against the dealers. The online blackjack games are available on different websites where you can place your bets and play against the dealers.

The online version usually involves placing the bet and choosing your cards. The player has the option of either hitting or keeping the cards. If you manage to outscore the dealer with a better and more powerful card, you win the game.

You need to be very proactive while playing a game of blackjack, as it involves big mind games as well. Some of the common blackjack tips and tricks for beginners include-

  • Take time and memorize the right way to split, stand, hit and double down your hands
  • Do not indulge in playing insurance.
  • Start with small funds and upscale only if you win initial games
  • Do not fall into the claws of lucrative bonus

To Sum it Up

Online Casino games are becoming increasingly popular, not only among the Bangladeshi youth but also worldwide. All the above-mentioned games were once considered luxurious, but are now easily available to all sections of society. 

Online casino games have their share of advantages and disadvantages. Some benefits of playing online casino games include-

  • Helps in making quick money
  • Generates employment at local levels
  • Can be a great exercise for the brain
  • Good medium to connect with the outside world
  • Low-risk high yield 

Some common disadvantages of online casino games are-

  • Can become a deadly addiction
  • Could lead to huge losses too
  • Leads to severe health hazards 
  • Would lead to a criminal offense if rules are not followed properly

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