Popular Local Games and Card Games in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a country known for its vibrant cultural heritage. And within that heritage are a variety of exciting local games and traditional games of Bangladesh and casino games and card games. These games not only provide enjoyment and entertainment. But also serve as a reflection of the country’s traditions and history. Thus, we will explore in detail some of the most fun local and traditional games of Bangladesh. Also, we will discuss their importance. And providing a deep understanding of their rules and gameplay.

I. Kabaddi – A Traditional Sport with Passion:

Kabaddi, a sport quite deep in the cultural fabric of Bangladesh. It attracts the attention and passion of players and viewers alike. In Bangladesh, a lot of people play kabaddi. Also, this sport requires a mix of physical strength, and strategic thinking. It has two teams of seven players each. In it, a raider attempts to enter the opponent’s territory. Also, try to touch as many defenders as possible. And return safely to their own side. The intensity of the game goes well with its pace. Thus, it is quite popular in both rural and urban areas across Bangladesh.

II. Ha-du-du – A Unique Tag-based Game:

Ha-du-du, is also one of the traditional games in Bangladesh. It fosters a sense of camaraderie and teamwork among its participants. In such Bengali traditional games, a group of players forms a large circle by holding hands. Also, two individuals assume the roles of taggers. The taggers’ aim is to break through the circle’s defenses. But the circle members try to prevent the taggers from breaking their formation.

The game gives both physical strength and agility. Also promotes effective communication and coordination among players. Thus, making it a great pastime in Bangladeshi communities.

III. Ludo – A Popular Board Game for All Ages:

Ludo, a board game that everyone knows. It has a square board with colorful tokens. Also, Ludo offers a delightful and accessible game play experience. The aim is quite simple. It is to make all tokens from their starting positions to the central hub. But, before opponents do the same. Players achieve progress by rolling a dice and moving their tokens. Tokens move as per the number on the dice.

Also, the best thing about ludo is, it brings families and friends together. And improves your ability to make strategies too.

IV. Chor Police – An Engaging Hide-and-Seek Game:

Chor Police, another of Bengali traditional games. This type of casino games have origins rooted in Bangladeshi and Indian culture. Thus, delivers an immersive hide-and-seek experience filled with excitement. It has two teams, namely the “thieves” and the “police”. Chor Police challenges players’ stealth, and problem-solving abilities. The thieves take on the role of hiding. While the police team tries to locate and catch them. Once caught, the roles reverse. Thus, the captured thieves join the police team. Chor Police not only stimulates physical activity. But also fosters critical thinking as players plan hiding places. Also, develop coordination among teammates.

V. Boli Khela

Boli Khela is a traditional form of wrestling in Bangladesh. This game is particularly popular in the Chittagong area and is also considered a national game in Chittagong.

As the name suggests, Boli Khela means ‘game of strong men’ or ‘game of wrestlers’ in English. The word ‘Boli’ comes from the word ‘Bol’, meaning muscular or physical power or a strong person, and a ‘Boli’ is a person who has that power. The term ‘Boli’ refers to a person or wrestler who demonstrates physical strength, whereas ‘Khela’ refers to sports or games. In short, ‘Boli Khela’ means a game between powerful peers.

In the Bangla calendar, the month of March and April is known as “Chaitra” and it is the most popular month for Boli Khela. On the 25th of April, thousands of supporters gather at the Laldighi Maidan in the port city of Chittagong for a festival.


Sholo Guti is another local or traditional games of Bangladesh. Sholo Guti game is widely popular in south-east Asia, especially in Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Nepal, and other South-East Asian countries. This game Sholo Guti is also called bagh-bakri tiger-goat, tiger trap or bagh chal crossing over a game of tiger trap, draughts, 16 gitti, Sixteen Soldiers, Bagh Chal, Bara Tehn or Barah Goti childhood game.

‘Sholo Guti’ comes from the words ‘Sholo’ and ‘Guti’. The word ‘Sholo’ means sixteen, and the term ‘Guti’ means pawn. Thus, this is a game of sixteen pawns. This game requires 16 pawns or ‘guti’ for each side and a geometric pattern of court. In some ways, this game is similar to chess or pacha, a traditional dice game.

Card Games:

1. Poker

Poker has gained popularity as a card game with a unique Bangladeshi flavor. Traditional poker gameplay remains intact, utilizing a standard deck of cards. Nut, local variations and rules have emerged. Thus, adding a distinct Bangladeshi twist to the game. Players compete to build the most favorable hand possible. They combine cards and place strategic bets throughout the game. But, now poker tournaments in Bangladesh have also emerged. It is drawing players from diverse backgrounds and skill levels. Thus, they engage in thrilling competitions of wits and strategy.

2. Call Bridge

The game has another name too, Call Break. It is a four player game. Also, the 52 card standard deck is used in it. The card of spades beats the rest of the cards in it. SO, as per the game, each player calls a number before the game starts. The number tells how many tricks they will win. And, the player with the highest card of the same color wins. Or, if he/she does not have a card of that color. Thus, one can use a spade card and win. Else, he or she will lose.


As we can see there are many fun local games of Bangladesh. Along with those we have some exciting card games too. This forms an integral part of Bangladesh’s cultural heritage. Kabaddi, Ha-du-du, Ludo, and Chor Police requires both physical and mental strength. Call Bridge and Poker states the range of Bengali traditional games that people of all ages play in Bangladesh. Beyond providing entertainment, these casino games nurture physical fitness. Also, promote teamwork, strategic thinking, coordination, and problem solving skills. So, it is best to celebrate and preserve these local traditions. Thus, Bangladesh ensures the passing of its cultural legacy for generations to come.

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