Poker Chips: An Ultimate Guide for Every Poker Player

If you have ever been to a casino, you must have seen that the players are paying cash to buy small round disc-type things. You will see those on every table, even on the poker table top. Those are poker chips. Those are the casino’s currencies to trade. It can be of metal, plastic, or sometimes made of clay.

They use multiple colors for those chips. It can be for the purpose of making it look pretty to the eyes. But also the color difference represents the value of each chip.

During the game of poker or any other game in the casino, no cash transactions take place. Chips make it easy for the games. Using chips, one can easily keep track of the whole bet, everyone can calculate the bet from a distance too.

Types of chips

There are ample poker chips. Each type of chip is made as per the game and the place you are playing at. Basically, we have two major types.

  • Cash Chips: These are also known as casino chips. These are specifically for casino games. The value of chips in cash is written on them. Thus, they are easy to handle. And, make the games easier to play.
  • Tournament Chips:  Now, on the other hand, the tournament chips are specifically designed for specific tournaments. They do not bear the cash equivalent value. As you must have seen that during tournaments the players bet millions. However, those are not actually the million dollars but just the chips.

Colors with respect to values

The colors of the poker chips represent the value, in general. The white chip means it is of value $1. The next is the red one. Red chips are $5. Next is orange, which signifies the double red chips. That is $10. Likewise, the value of a yellow chip is $20. Which is double the orange ones. Then green for $25.

There are three more colors with maximum value. Black is for $100. Next comes the $500 worth of chips. It is of purple color. At last, the chip with maximum value. It is maroon in color. And, it denotes the value of $1000. Yes, you read it right. So, keep your hands on it carefully.

Please note that those colors and values differ in a tournament. In a tournament, we have poker chips of 7 colors. Those are, white, red, orange, yellow, green, black, and purple. The white, red, and orange values are $25, $50, $100 respectively. Now it is the turn of the expensive ones. $500 for yellow chips. Green represents $1000. Now black is worth a big $5000. And, the most expensive are the purple chips with a massive amount of $10000.

Make a Change

There are situations when you want to bet or call for $100. But, you have all the chips of value $500 or above. So, what to do now? You need not to worry. You can tell the amount you want to bet for. And, get the change out of the pot. Usually, dealers do that for you. The house allows the player to do so when the pot is small. But, when there is a huge amount in the pot, dealers do it on their own.

There could be another situation when you put the wrong chip in a bet. At such points, you can get the change too. But, you must say the betting amount loud enough. So, the dealer as well as the players hear it clearly. Thus, you can get change or replace the chip with the right one.

Tricks with the chips

Those table games are not just fun to play but quite entertaining to watch too. Lot of players do some tricks with the chips they hold. It usually tells the opponent that the player is quite regular with the game. Usually, the players roll chips from one hand to other. There is another popular trick. It is known as riffling. In this, the player makes two stacks of chips. And, pull the chips up while merging both into one. However, sometimes it is a sign of nervousness. Which can be caught easily by other players.


Poker chips are the soul of those games. It makes the handling of the monetary aspect easy. Else, there might be a lot of confusion with the calculation of money while playing. In fact, more space will also be required too.

And, believe it or not, holding chips while playing gives you a unique sense of pleasant feeling. Which you can not get while holding cash. Casinos use this currency, so people can play any of the games. And, after finishing playing, you cash those chips out without losing any value.

So, if you are an in-house player, go for customized poker chips. It will make you feel good.

Thanks for going through the content. Hope you find it interesting. I will be back soon with a lot of such fruitful content. Till then, have fun. And, play with caution.

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