Poker Bad Beats: Learn How Can You Avoid Them?

The game of Poker is one of the most entertaining card games of all time. Almost all land-based casinos have this game. Also, online casinos have quite a number of users of poker games. In fact, people are playing poker in their own houses. Friends get together and enjoy the game.

Though it is quite fun to play. On the flip side, weak players tend to lose a lot of money to professionals. Pushing the weak hands on the basis of mere luck, definitely does not end well.

But, there is a situation when you lose even with a strong hand. As, at such points, your pair of aces get beaten by three kings when the last card is turned up. And that is what we call Poker bad beats. At such times the winning chance of the opponent is below ten percent, but he or she still wins.

However, below we are going to discuss a few ways to avoid Poker bad beats.

1. Do not forget that luck plays the vital role

When one is playing poker, he or she builds a strategy to win. People tend to bluff with weak hands. However, when the hand is strong, the player gets overconfident about winning. This makes the thoughts of luck affecting the game, disappear. Which is definitely a big mistake. So, to avoid Poker bad beats you need to remember that it does not matter how strong your hand is or how low the chances of the opponent’s win. It can always happen. Because the card on the table can be anything.

2. Do not lose focus when you lose the game

There are times when someone experiences Poker bad beats, and the mindset of the player does not let them think clearly. Either they will make foolish mistakes or just become extra conscious. If you can not accept the loss, then the game is definitely not for you. As even the professional loses to other players. In fact, as per stats, there are fair chances of you winning the hands is 7 out of 10. Yes, that is true. You can not always win.

Therefore, take it as a part of the game and focus on the next hand.

3. Know when to stop

Usually, it happens when you lose some money, as per human nature you just start playing and betting more money. Though the aggressive play is good in poker. Still, if you are not playing it with caution. You will lose the rest of the bankroll too.

So, you might be wondering what should you do then. The answer to that is very simple. Just leave the table. You can not start pushing money in the game forever. Thus, realizing when to fold the cards and leave the game is a must. Your ego might not let you do that, but losing the last penny will not even let you keep any of them both.

4. Find out everything about bad bets

Here is one of the most important tips to avoid bad beats. Before avoiding it, you must know in detail about what exactly Poker bad beats are. You can not call a high card losing to a pair as bad beats. It is definitely not. In simple words, it is a strong hand vs the stronger one.

Some also think that it occurs rarely. That is another myth. In fact, bad beats occur quite commonly in poker. And you must accept it as a normal defeat. Because you can not always win a poker game.

So be always ready for it.


The above are a few of the tips to keep a check on Poker bad beats. However, players can also change their way of thinking and use their energy in the right direction after losing. Instead of thinking of it as bad luck, just take it as an opportunity to learn from the mistake and re-play the hand.

Apart from that it gives you the opportunity to come back stronger. Moreover, you can use it to bluff. As, your opponent might think that you are again playing with a strong hand, And, of course, they are not going to be lucky every single time.

Lastly, we appreciate all the readers visiting the page. And wish you luck that you can now avoid it in future. Hope this will assist you in the future and make you win huge. Good Luck and be positive while playing poker with a reality check of course.

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