Online Casinos VS Live Casinos: Which one is Better?

With the advent of technology, even the entertainment world is continuously upgrading. The bettors and gamblers who used to go to live casinos have new options too. The Online casino did attract many users of live casinos. However, those who want the feel of an actual casino with actual surroundings of betting, go for in-house casinos.

So, there is always a debate about which one of the both is better. So next, we are going to discuss in detail the advantages and disadvantages of both types of casinos.

The core differences between both

The very first and obvious difference between both is, Online casinos use the technological aspect to deal. They have software, computers, and other devices to go through the whole betting process.

Whereas in live casinos, the traditional format prevails. They use actual dealers and physical tools to keep the fun of betting intact.

The other difference between those casinos is the usage of space. Online casinos are not bound to space and can cover a plethora of games in it. On the other hand, live casinos require a certain space as per each game. Thus, the games in those are directly proportional to the space they have.

Key Features of Online Casinos

Now, let us understand the features of online casinos which give them an edge over live casinos.

  • First and foremost is that the online versions have an extremely wide range of games to play. The software versions do not require any specific physical space. Thus there is not a limit to the games they have in it.
  • Relating to that, there is another advantage. In live casinos, you need to be physically present in the space. However, with cold weather you can just be in your quilt, open your phone or laptop and just go for it. Online casinos are much more convenient than others.
  • The welcome bonus is one of the most attractive offers that online version casinos make. Besides that they have promotional offers and other bonuses. This enhances your bankroll. It doesn’t mean that live casinos do not offer the same. But of course, the range of offers is much less in that. In fact, not even all live casinos offer a welcome bonus.
  • Security wise too, online versions are better than live ones. As even personal information is not shared as per the privacy policy of that software. However, there is no such privacy in land-based casinos.

Things to do in live casinos

If you are still fond of the traditional version, then here are some tips to follow.

  • So, the very first thing is to be consistent with the games you are good at. The more experience you have, the better the probability of winning.
  • You must fix your playing budget. And, no matter what, stick to it. Some players exceed the equity they have. Which leads to debt. So, keep a check on that.
  • In live casinos, you have the feature to observe the players. So, take proper use of it. Look closely at the game of your opponents and make a strategy accordingly.
  • Most importantly, keep your emotions in control. A lot of players in live casinos take loose on their ego and make foolish moves. So, avoid that.

So, which one of both is to choose?

To decide from both we need to look for certain factors.

  • The convenience to play is definitely more in online than live versions. Players who tend to stay in the house to play while sitting on their own chairs will definitely opt to play online.
  • But, if you are a socially friendly person. And, you want to play with the opponents by looking them in the eye. This experience can only be gained by going physically in live casinos.

Therefore, you can choose whichever you like as per your own preferences.


So all in all, the versions have both pros and cons. Though, convenience wise online is definitely the best choice. But, the online experience can never match the entertainment and fun one can have by playing it in the casino opposite the dealers and opponents they can see.

Therefore, the choice is all yours. Both versions have certain features that surpass other ones. Also, they lack some too. So play at the type of casino you like the most. But, do not forget that no matter what you choose, caution is the key.

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