Online Casino Players Come In 7 Different Types

Online betting and gambling are growing at a very fast pace. In fact, online casinos are in the hundreds now. And, the number of online casino players is in the millions now. You can always do your research and find a reliable online casino website. Keep a check on the reliability of a website. Make sure, it has high ratings. Thus, your money will be safe.

Now, we are going to talk about the type of online casino players. Yes, that’s right. There are many types of players. And, it all depends upon the playing pattern, thinking style, habits, etc. However, there are majorly seven types of casino players. Those we are going to discuss next.

1. The inquisitive Novice

If you play poker, you must have come across a player who asks too many questions to everyone. Those are the new online casino players. And, they simply take no risk at all. Also, they make bets at last. When, all cards are open. Therefore, others should be aware of them, when they play till last.

2. The Phantom

Here is the second type of online casino player, the phantom player. They make the other players uncomfortable. As those do not like to talk at all. Instead, they just keep things to themselves. No one can tell when those players will enter. And, they leave the table surprisingly too. Evidently, those are the smart players.

One can take advantage of making others believe that the player came. And, this will make everyone nervous. And, you can benefit from it.

3. The Low-Cost Thrill

The low-cost thrill online casino players are those who do not bet big. And, they are very cautious about when to bet. Those will not definitely promise a big win. But, they stick till the end of the game. So, you can win in small amounts. And, the pro players know it well, when such players try to play them.

4. The Anti-Social

There is another type of player. Those just come to play. And, such online casino players have no intention to make friends. In fact, their sole motive is to earn money. So, they do not even try to be friendly with any of the players. Also, they are similar to the phantom players. But, there will be huge differences in technique. And, such players do everything to win.

5. The Complaining Loser

There are some online casino players, whom no other player likes. They are desperate to win players. Also, such players can not even stand losing. And, if they lose, they just make a huge fuss out of it. The complaining losers do not know at all about the fun of paying. Now, how to handle those players? The best thing you can do is, just ignore those players. Because talking to them will make things worse only.

6. The Escape Artist

There are some players who feel tired of playing too much. And, those online casino players do come on online platforms to release their stress. Also, they do not worry at all about what the result will be.

Now, if you know the motive of such players. It will be much fun to play with them. This could be a stress buster.

7. Slot Lovers

This is the last on the list of seven online casino players. Those players are crazy about online casino games. They just want to take part in every casino tournament. And, quite fond of collecting the titles. Those stay up to date with the new releases. And, whenever a new online game comes on the market. Slot lovers just go for it.


Above are the general divisions of seven types of players. It does not mean that those are the only types. In fact, there are many others too. Such as free players, who just play the dummy games without using actual money. VIP players- those who buy in large amounts and play the big tournaments. Most important are the professionals. Such players play online casino games as a profession. Their sole earning source is those games.

And the list goes on with many of such players. But, we need to evaluate the person’s traits. And, figure out what kind of opponent you are playing against. It will help you to figure out your playing strategy. Which will give you an edge over them.

So, that is all. Will be back with a lot and a lot of similar articles with a glance of knowledge in it. Till then, keep playing and enjoying the game. Have Fun. Good Luck.

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