Learn How Can You Analyze Amateur Poker Players

The game of poker is not that difficult to learn. Still, it takes quite a time to play with pros. Overnight success is the dream of many. The poker game has many complexities. Which one can learn by playing consistently? There are fewer players who start playing exceptionally at the very beginning of their poker playing career. In this article, I will explain the weaknesses of an amateur poker player.

Do not stop learning

When a new or amateur poker player starts playing poker. There are fair chances that the player will win many hands. This leads to overconfidence. Players start feeling that they are much better than they actually are. Then their next step is entering the bigger games. And BOOM, the player lost it all. And we learned another lesson. Do not put all your eggs in a single basket.

Now, most amateur poker players are predictable. If instead of winning, they lose the first twenty-five or thirty matches. They quit the game permanently and shift to something else. But, there are few who will keep learning and stay consistent with the game. They will try different strategies. And, will come up with new tricks on their own.

Most of the amateur poker player stick to a single strategy. Which is one of the biggest mistakes in this game. They will either keep bluffing every single time. Or, they will not be bluffing at all. This makes it easy for pro players to guess the hand.

Therefore, the strategies must not be made beforehand. Those are supposed to be impromptu.

Emotions are the biggest enemies of a Poker Player

If you are playing poker or even watched it, you must have come across the term “poker face”. It is the face the players make while they are in the game. The emotionless face hides the joy of a strong hand. Or, nervousness and fear of losing. In fact, in some cases, players fake emotional expressions. It helps a lot while bluffing.

Now if you can not control your emotions, then my friends this game is not for you. It will always make you lose while playing against a good or even an average player.

If you broke up with your partner, fought with a colleague, got stuck in some family problem or likewise situations, you must be able to keep everything aside. Your sole focus must be on the game. And, none of the problems should affect your brain and your emotions.

How to read an opponent

You must be thinking that poker players are extremely good at hiding emotions. How to figure it out then? But, yes we can evaluate their actions and body language. However, the amateur players go for the obvious tells. Most of the time, those are tricks. The players fake those actions to trick the opponent. For instance, the fake leg moment of a player usually shows that he or she is nervous. But, during the game, the players are aware of those. They do it intentionally. So, another player might think that this is due to the weak hand. Hence, they go in with full strength. And, unable to come out of it without bearing a huge loss.

Now, most might think that winning is the only thing that makes everyone excited. But, that’s not true. Different players have different attitudes. Some feel amused while bluffing. Others might get excited while placing huge bets. This needs extreme attention to the details. Watch everyone, every hand, every movement. How a person is breathing? Where is the player looking? How often does he or she tip the house? At what moment the player feels thirsty? And, many more questions like this need clarity. This will assist an amateur on the path to becoming a pro.


All in all, an amateur player must know what he is capable of. The players must not think that they know all about the game. And, must also not take luck as a boon. As luck does not always favor. Also, the strategies and tricks must be applied after knowing your opponent completely. Great players need continuity. The skill of studying people needs practice.

Hope this article will help you. I will be back with more informative articles. Till then, keep enjoying the game. And, stay cautious.

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