Learn 6 Texas Hold’em Poker Cheats To Help You Win

Poker is one of the most complex games in the world. Here is a list of Texas Holde’m cheat sheets you can use while studying or playing. The following tips are aimed at beginners.

There are multiple aspects of poker covered in these guides. From position names to basic strategy, you’ll learn the basics of poker terminology.

To improve your game, here are 6 of the most important poker cheat sheets:

  1. Poker Cheat Sheets
  2. The Poker Language
  3. Poker Table Position Names
  4. Poker Starting Hands
  5. Post-Flop: The Simple Way
  6. Bonus Charts: The Ultimate Cheat

Top 6 Texas Hold’em Poker Cheat Sheets | Shortcut Tips

#1: Poker Cheat Sheets

The most important thing is to know what hands to make in order to play poker well. The hand rankings for Texas Hold’em are illustrated with helpful graphics.

These are the worst to the best:

Royal Flush, Straight Flush, Four-of-a-Kind, Full House, Flush, Straight, Three-of-a-Kind, Two Pair, One Pair, High Card.

The goal of most 5-card games is to make the best hand you can. The lowest hand is required in some poker variants, however. Straights and flushes do not count in these games.

You should also note that the hand rankings slightly change in games like Short Deck. But, only when the 2’s through 5’s are removed.

Only nine cards remain to complete a flush. But, the flush now ranks higher than the full house!

#2: The Poker Language

Playing poker can seem like listening to a foreign language. Moreover, this can be seem at the first!

Flop, Check-Raise, Double Barrel, Pot Odds, Equity.

Taking this into account, it is often difficult to know where to begin. But, if you are ready to jump headfirst into poker, here’s a guide with all the common phrases and meanings you need to know.

#3: Poker Table Position Names

Poker hands are not created equal. There is a drastic difference in your win rate and which hands you should play depending on where you are seated.

Position names are based on where a hand holds the DEALER BUTTON. After each hand, the button moves one space clockwise.

For a typical 6-max table with short-handed positions, here are the position names:

Small Blind (SB), Big Blind (BB), Under-The-Gun (UTG) / Lojack (LJ), Hijack (HJ), Cutoff (CO), Button (BTN).

In a full-ring poker table with 9 or 10 players, it’s slightly different. It will be easier to find seats in the “early position” (immediately to the right of the big blind). In most cases, they don’t come with fancy names.

Under-The-Gun is always the first position after the blinds. As for the next couple of positions, you can refer to them as follows. Depending on the number of seats/players:

  • UTG+1 (Under-the-Gun plus 1)
  • EP1, EP2, etc. (“Early position” – synonymous for UTG and the next few positions)
  • MP1, MP2, etc. (“Middle position” – comes after early position and usually concludes with the Lojack

#4: Texas Holde’m Cheat Sheet – Starting Hands

Most players lose money at first due to playing far too many starting hands. So, 6max player may have around 40% VPIP (volunteer-put-money-in-pot).

It doesn’t matter where the Ace is located, they’ll play it. In other words, if A2o UTG was available, they would play it. Therefore, the game is all about learning from your mistakes!

To play well, you must know what hands to play. After the flop, being on the button (or close to it) will give you an advantage in position.

Even, your opponents will show you how they act before you. So, with more hands on the button, you have more options.

In the Under-The-Gun position, you must play fewer hands. After the flop, a higher probability of being out-of-position will be mitigated by this strategy.

#5: Post-Flop: The Simple Way

Great – now you know which hands to play from various positions. So, when the flop comes out, then what should you do?

Following a flop, you should categorize your hands into four groups:

Strong monsters, Medium-strength hands, Draws, Trash, The specifics of each scenario will be situation dependent.

If that is the case. Then, you should generally do the following:

  • 1 and 3: Make a bet or raise with your strong hands (usually top pair and top kicker (TPTK) or better).
  • 2 and 4: Play categories 2 and 4 hands passively. If your hand is medium-strong, check/call. If the flop missed your trash hands, check or fold them.

In this strategy, post-flop play is very simplified. You will need to consider a number of factors. It will help you get the “gist” of what happens after a flop if you are a beginner.

#6: Bonus Charts: The Ultimate Cheat

Also, Poker can be approached in two ways:

  • In Game-Theory Optimal (GTO) poker, you profit from your opponent’s mistakes.
  • The goal is to maximize your profits. Even, further, as you deviate from GTO. So, the decisions you make are based on the exploitable tendencies of your opponents.

So, the best way to learn GTO poker is to study away from the table.

Poker Cheat Sheets Summary

Due to the fact that no two hands are alike. Although, poker is a tricky game. So, establish a solid baseline for YOUR gameplay. Moreover, to assist you in your poker game, study. And, to use the charts and poker cheat sheets in this article.

However, your gameplay could reach new heights if you do this.

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