Know How Paroli Betting Strategy Works & When To Use

As you already know that there are ample betting systems and strategies. Paroli betting strategy is one, which depends upon positive progression. The bettor in this strategy starts with smaller bets. Now as he or she wins, double the amount of the bet.

This strategy is used in sports betting. Even the bettors use this technique while playing roulette and blackjack too. And, most importantly there are many punters who use this system to guess the result of a bet.

How does the Paroli Betting System work?

The paroli betting strategy is quite easy to understand. It is not that complex, unlike other betting strategies. Following are the four rules of this strategy.

  1. At the very first rule, choose the bet you are going to start with. And, make sure the base amount you choose is the lowest. As you are going to need around four times of this.
  2. Here is the second rule. You reach this step if and only if you win. After winning the first bet, you double it. Let’s say, you set the base price for $10. Therefore, the next bet will be $20.
  3. Now the third rule is made to make sure you keep winning with you. So the rule is that if you win three times consecutively, you just stop doubling the amount in the fourth bet. Instead, you go back again to the base amount to bet.
  4. Fourth and the final rule of paroli betting strategy is about what to do when you lose. The thing is, you go back to base stake to bet, the moment you lose. It will keep your losses to a minimum.

Paroli Betting system in sports and games

The paroli betting strategy was first used in online casinos. So let us understand the working of this strategy in different games.

1.    Horse Racing:

There are a lot of bettings that take place in horse racing. In fact, it is legal in many countries. So, let us assume we made a bet of 30$ on a horse in our first bet. Luckily we won the bet. So, in the next bet, we are going to double it to $60. And, likewise, with another win, the betting amount goes to $120.

However, if we lose at any point or have won thrice continuously. The next bet will be $30 again.

2.    Blackjack

Similar to the earlier example, the bet starts with the least possible amount. The bettor can decide this amount by himself or herself. So, after the cards are dealt, you win the first game. You double the bet. And you double it again if you win the very next game. Else, if you lose, the bet goes to the base price.

Likewise, in any of the games you use Paroli betting strategy, you follow the same set of rules and techniques. There are no special steps to follow for any particular game.

Extended Paroli strategy vs Inverted Paroli strategy

There are some professionals who did a thorough study of Paroli betting strategy. And, they are further divided into two types.

Extended Paroli Strategy

This strategy is exactly the same as we are discussing above. We start the bet with the base price. Then double it till three consecutive wins. And after that or when lose, use the base amount to bet. This focuses more on gaining. In fact, it ignores the fact that it can lead to higher losses.

Inverted Paroli Strategy

Here is the different approach to Paroli betting strategy. This is similar to the martingale betting technique. As per this, the bettor keeps the bet stagnant as long as he/she wins. But, when they concur with loss, they double the bet. So, if at any point the bettor wins, he/she recovers the previously lost amount. And, adds profit to it too. It is one of the most effective strategies if you have a large amount of equity in your purse.


The Paroli betting strategy is quite an old technique of betting. It is the easiest one. All you have to do is decide the base stake betting amount. Also, the pattern to follow does not change. The base stake keeps changing if you win, else it remains the same,

But, make sure you are well aware of the game in which you are going to use this technique. DO not forget, it will not guarantee a hundred percent win. It just keeps your loss to a minimum. If luck favors you, you might earn a huge fortune. But, if you keep losing, you must know when to stop.

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