In Online Casinos, Are Live Dealers Really Live?

Since the pandemic, things quickly migrated from physical to online work. It affected almost each and every branch and department of work. It does not matter if you work in a software company or clothing store. This disease left nothing untouched. Likewise, casinos also shifted online. Casinos were online even before the pandemic too. But, the covid-19 has given online casinos a large number of players.

Online casinos did and still doing their best to provide the best service to bettors and gamblers. They even used the option of tipping the live dealers too. However, it is still doubtful whether the tip is actually received by the actual dealer or not.

Overall, the question is whether the live dealers who deal with the cards or roll dice, are real or not.


A lot of people say that live dealers are based on artificial intelligence. Although, it is not true. If you would have noticed, the dealers actually Communicate with the players while playing. It definitely proves that someone real is operating at the back end of a dealer’s hand. The online casino is using all the resources to make the experience lively. Thus, the programmed dealers will not go hand to hand with their mission. They can definitely build a computer program for the live dealers. As a result, gamblers will lose interest in online casino games. Which evidently, decreases the traffic on the online casino applications and websites.

Working Of Live Dealers

There are mainly two ways, through which online casino games are played. Firstly, computer-generated imagery is used. You must have seen it in the movie ‘ Life of Pie ‘. Where the tiger accompanied the lead actor in the whole movie. The technology used to do so is CGI itself. And yes, that tiger was not real.

Secondly, streaming the online casino games live and using the webcam to view the actual game. Here too live dealers can view the whole game. Hence, no matter what method is used. Dealers can see the whole game. This is the very same reason that live dealers greet you welcome by your name. Also, they look at the whole chat too. They reply just the same way as if he or she is standing there for real.

Why does the online Casino Put the Actual Dealer?

It is obvious that using an application would be much easier. It would have been cheaper. it would have saved a lot of time and effort too. Still, online casinos prefer live dealers. There are multiple reasons behind it. Firstly, the real dealers can improvise as required. However, a machine can be tricked too. Secondly, the game is made to earn profit. Now, to beat a gambler in such a situation, a person who could understand the strategy is required.

Likewise, there are a plethora of benefits that prove the need for live dealers. And, Artificial intelligence can not compete with the brain that developed it.


To cap it all, it is crystal clear that the live dealers are real human beings. They are not machines whom you can trick. The loopholes are covered by real minds at work. And, you need not to worry about the availability of such a huge number of dealers. By merely a training program, the dealers of physical casinos can be made available. Technological upgradation is a consistent process. And we need the human brain too. Without the real dealers, the whole game might look scripted. At one point or another, players will definitely be missing the need of real-life casinos.


Hope you find this article about live dealers will come in handy for the readers. Do not forget that casino games need caution. You must play it safe. And believe me, the experience with online casinos is exactly the same as you find in physical casinos. You can interact with co-players too. The live dealers are available all time. They even change the shifts during the game too. The players will also get a chance to feel like playing in an actual casino. 

And once again, in Online casinos Live Dealers are ACTUALLY Live.

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