How To Play Rummy Game – A complete guide

The card games always attract players to the casino. Whether it is poker, blackjack, or any other, people tend to love those games. A Rummy game is one of them. It is an extremely interesting card game available both in online and live casinos.

Basically, it involves a combination of cards. There are many variations of the game. However, in the traditional one, each player gets 13 cards. Also, if there are two to four players in the game, two decks of cards are used. However, three decks are required in the table of five players.

How the game works

Let us understand how the Rummy Game works.

  • There is a toss to decide the first player to start the move.
  • Each player gets 13 cards each, facing down. And then the next card on the deck is faced up. This is the open deck.
  • And the rest of the deck is put in the center of the table. From the deck we take one card out and place it below the deck, facing up. This is a ‘Joker’.
  • The Joker card can be used in any form during the Rummy Game.
  • Now, as per the game, players need to make sets and two sequences (runs). And out of two sequences, one must be pure. The second sequence can be either pure or impure.
  • Now once any of the players have all the conditions met, can declare the cards. In the online game rummy, we have a ‘declare’ button. Just press it.
  • Once any of the players declare, the rest of the players need to make the sets and sequences they have and show them to everyone.
  • Now, if all 13 cards are not matching, then the player loses 80 points.
  • If you drop from the game before any player has declared the cards, you lose 30 points. However, if you leave the game without picking any card from the deck, you just lose 10 points.

Terms to Understand

It might be confusing for you with the terms like sets, sequence, first life, second life, etc in the Rummy Game. Let us understand those now.

Sequence or Run

Both a sequence and a run are the same thing. In simple language, a sequence denotes three or more consecutive cards of the same suit. Those are of two types, pure sequence, and impure sequence. Remember, in a Rummy Game, one pure sequence is a must.

  • A pure sequence is one which has no joker card in it. Thus purely a run of 3 or more cards of the same suit. For instance, 2,3,4,5 of hearts. A king, queen, and ace are not a sequence.
  • An impure sequence is a term that denotes a sequence that uses the Joker card in it. For instance, let us assume that the King of diamonds is a wild card (Joker). And, you have 5,6, and 8 clubs with you. So, you can use that wild card and make it as 7 of clubs. Thus makes an impure sequence.

First Life and Second Life

The sequences must have a pure one but it can either be of four or three cards. However, one of the sequences must have four cards. So, the three-card sequence is the first life and four card sequence is the second life.


Here is another important term to know in the Rummy Game. A set is a group of cards with the same face value but different suits. It can also be of three or four cards. In addition, sets too have further two types, Pure sets, and Impure sets.

Pure sets are those which do not include any wild cards in them. Likewise, when we use a joker to complete the set, it makes it an impure set.


That is the basic guide to the game of Rummy. Make sure, before you enter this world, you are well aware of all the types, terms, and methods of the game. And, of course, with practice, you will get the strategies in place.

There is one more thing to remember. Certain times, there are players who make the wrong declaration while getting over-excited. And, it ends up with a loss. Yes, it happens quite a lot of times. So, make sure you are in all your senses and in control of your emotions. Else, you will never know when your bankroll comes to an end.

Hope you find this content useful and will help you to begin. Good luck and win huge.

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