How To Get Rid Of Fake Slot Streamers

Fake Slot Streamers to Spot and End Their Tricks

At the beginning of online slot games streaming, people who do not bet for real, have fun watching the streamers. Also when the streamers win the jackpots they even feel happy too. In fact, people feel entertained watching those players playing. But, these days, it’s not at all the same. Some of the popular slot game streamers are doing things that aren’t right. In fact, those are not less than cheating. They’re making big bets for a long time, or they’re using something called “feature buy” too much. These streamers are acting like they’re playing with real money, but that’s not true. In reality, they get money from casinos to play on their platform. This is definitely not right. Therefore, in this article, we’re going to talk about these fake streamers. Also, we will discuss the ways to stop them.
Let’s get in.

Why Fake Slot Game Streamers Are a Problem

Fake slot game streamers do not just make themselves look silly by acting if they are playing with real money. They also create problems in the whole world of online gambling.

Betting Too Much

Some streamers are betting way too much money, like $100 per spin. This doesn’t make any sense at all. As putting such a huge bet on each of the spin isn’t wise for any player. Also, most people don’t really bet that much, especially for a long time. Basically they want to show that they are quite rich but in reality they are not. They just want the real players to believe so.

Using Feature Buy Too Much

These fake online slot game streamers also use something called “feature buy” too much. It is basically a shortcut to free spins in the game. Though players do use this sometimes. And that’s completely fine. But, those fake streamers use it way too much.  But they use it a lot. It’s not a smart way to play as well as not fair at all.

Fake Balances

Besides everything above, there is one more but the worst part about those fake streamers. They never ever use their own money to play slot games while streaming. The casinos pay them money to pretend like they’re winning big. They might use play-money or money from sponsors. But they act like they’re risking real money, and that tricks people into thinking they can win big too.

Who’s Doing This?

There are some streamers who are being dishonest. It is obvious that not all like this, but of course some are. Let’s talk about those fake streamers. Here are few:


This slot game streamer is a teenager who bets quite a lot of money and uses feature buy too much. Basically he wants to depict that the casino he is playing with helps the user to win a lot. Thus, more and more slot game players join that specific casino. Moreover, the casino pays this streamer to play.

Casino Daddy

The casino daddy is a streaming channel that is run by three brothers. They did start with streaming at quite a small level. But now they’re famous. Some people wonder if they got famous fairly or if they’re getting money from casinos. Though it is not clear yet if he is completely a fake streamer.


This is another of such streamers that bets a lot of money as well as plays for a long time. There are few people in the slot gaming world who believe he’s using fake money because he’s winning so much.

How to Stop Them

We can’t just let these fake slot game streamers fool us. We definitely need to do something about it. There are ample ways to reveal them as well as put an end to this fake streaming.

Tell Others

We need to tell everyone that these slot game streamers aren’t real. If people know, they won’t watch them anymore. Thus, with lesser views, the casinos will not pay them.

Know Who’s Fake

We should learn which streamers are fake. This way, we can avoid their channels and not get tricked.

Rules and Laws

We need more rules about this. Some countries are already making rules to stop fake streaming. Casinos shouldn’t give money to fake streamers.

Speak Up

Gamblers should care about this too. We need to be extremely careful ourselves. Thus, it will be quite hard for those fake streamers to fool real players and viewers.


Fake slot game streamers are pretending to play with real money when they’re not. They’re using tricks to look like they’re winning big. But we can’t let them fool us. We need to tell others, know who’s fake, and make sure there are rules to stop this. By being aware and smart, we can enjoy real gambling and not fall for the tricks of fake streamers.

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