How To Calculate Back And Lay Bets?

It is easy to understand what back and lay bets mean. In a betting exchange, customers are pitted against each other, so you can bet on an outcome that is unlikely to occur. Backers bet on an event happening, whereas layers bet on an event not happening in betting exchanges. A back and lay betting site places odds on a specific outcome so that backers and layers can bet against each other.

What exactly is Back Betting?

Betting on teams to win is back betting. Bets on backs can only place with operators. Traditionally, bets are placed on the outcome of events. In the finals of the World Cup, you can bet on your favorite cricket team to win. Your stake is lost if the team does not win. The stake will be paid out if the team wins.

Back betting is popular for several reasons:

  • Back betting offers you the better chances against different players from across the world. The cost is an impression of organic market in the market as opposed to somebody dealing with the cost like the customary bookmakers.
  • At the point when you’re back betting, you can either take the ongoing deal or pick the chances in light of your inclination. Your value stake’s distinction from the standard cost range settle on whom you will coordinate with.
  • The BSP (Betfair Beginning cost) is created toward the beginning of the occasion and is normally found on all bets set by the patrons and layers on the lookout. There is no edge on the cost, and accordingly you will get the specific impression of the market. By betting through BSP, you can find numerous counterparts for your Bet.
  • Back betting can done when you are certain about the event of the occasion by thinking about every one of the variables that influence its vulnerability.

What is Lay Betting?

Lay betting is a one of a kind strategy for putting down bets that is not trail by conventional administrators. So, while you’re putting down a lay bet, you are betting on an outcome that won’t occur. Also, lay betting can make sense of as betting in a cricket crew not dominating the game. For instance, putting down a bet on Australia not beating India in the Cricket World Cup is a lay bet. But, basically, you are putting down a bet on a result not to


The three parts of lay bets are:

  • Lay chances: The chances that you are thinking about to put down against the back bets.
  • Benefactor Stake: The sum you are letting the patron bet with you – at the end of the day, the sum you can win.
  • Obligation: (Supporter Stake* Lay chances) – Sponsor Stake = the sum you are gambling.

Back and Lay Bets Calculator

So, if you want to know how back and lay bets calculator works then simply look below.

How to calculate a Back Bet?

Multiply the backer stake with the decimal odds to calculate the profit of a back bet. In the example above, if you were to back India for Rs. 10 and the odds were 2.5, the returns would be as follows:

Stake * Decimal Odds = Returns

Returns – Stake = Profit

Rs. 10 * 2.5 = Rs. 25

Rs. 25 – Rs. 10 = Rs. 15.

Betting in this way is traditional. So, whenever you place a wager against the bookmaker, then the bookmaker loses money if your wager wins.

How to calculate a Lay Bet?

Traditionally, bookmakers lay bets against you while you back them. So, a betting exchange allows you to play the role of a bookmaker. But, it is also important to manage the stake of the backer when entering the stake in a lay bet.

Backer Stake * (Odds – 1) = Liability

Rs. 10* (3-1)

Rs. 10* 2.0 = Rs. 20.     

Taking this scenario into account, the player will have to risk 20 rupees in order to win around 10. So, all the necessary information about the bet is available on betting exchange platforms before you place the bet. However, here you are risking Rs. 20 rather than Rs. 10 in this case.


Using betting exchanges, you can go beyond traditional betting and into non-conventional betting. Also, you can engage in matched betting. So, through betting exchanges by matching back and lay bets is easy.

You can make huge profits by using matched betting methods on cricket betting exchanges. If you want to make either back and lay bets, you need to be aware of the situation and the odds. Identifying the loopholes and minimizing risks are the keys to placing either wager.

Hopefully, the Back and lay bets calculator guide will definitely be fruitful to you.

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