How Betvisa Casino Pays Your Winnings: A Detailed Guide

No matter what game you are in, winning is always appealing. Likewise, playing casino games and winning at Betvisa Casino is fun too. But, after winning the money we need to get it out as well.

Thus, in this guide, we’ll show you exactly how to take your winnings home from Betvisa Casino. Also, you’ll learn about the different ways to get your money, how to do it, and some important things to keep in mind. Moreover, we will offer information about wagering requirements as well.
Let’s get in. 

Withdrawal Process at Betvisa Casino

Betvisa Casino has quite an easy withdrawal process. Here’s how you do it:

1. Log in to Your Account: To login into Betvisa casino, simply go to the Betvisa website or open the Betvisa app. Thus, put your username as well as password to login.

2. Start Your Withdrawal: Now you will have to look for the “Withdraw” option. It’s usually near your username and looks like an arrow. Thus, click on it.

3. Fill in the Form: Clicking “Withdraw” takes you to a form. Now, for first-time withdrawals, you’ll have to “Add a Bank Account.” Thus, it means you’ll give them your bank info. Also, make sure you enter every digit of your account number correctly. Otherwise, you will not get the funds and have to do the whole process again. 

4. Complete the Form: In the form, put the amount you wish to withdraw. And also select the mode you want to get the withdrawing amount. 

5. Submit the Request: After you are done with the form, hit “Submit.” And there you go. 

The very first time you take out money, you might need to confirm your bank account. This is just for safety and one time thing. However, for future withdrawals, you won’t need to do this again, as your info will be saved. But, if you choose a different withdrawal method, you’ll need to register it.

If your withdrawal is still being processed and you change your mind, you can cancel it by talking to Betvisa’s support team.

Additional Verification

Usually, Betvisa Casino doesn’t need more info to withdraw your winnings. But, casinos might ask the users for extra details, they find anything that doesn’t seem right. It’s all to keep your account safe. Usually it happens when they find the same name on different accounts. Thus, just to make sure that the withdrawing amount goes to the right person, they verify it completely. 

Betvisa Withdrawal Methods

You have four ways to take out your money from Betvisa, and they’re the same as how you put money in:

a. UPI (Unified Payments Interface): This is a common way to transfer money between banks in India. Also, the fastest possible way as well. 

b. IMPS (Immediate Payment Service): Another way to send money quickly between Indian banks. Those are more reliable. 

c. Paytm: A popular Indian mobile payment platform. It also uses the UPI method.

d. PhonePe: Another mobile payment app in India that uses UPI. 

e. Bkash: Bangladesh’s most popular and widely used payment app. Bkash is safe and secure to do transactions.

f. Nagad: Another Bangladeshi mobile app, that is safe and fast in transaction.

It’s best to use the same way you used to put money in. This helps make sure the money goes to the right place. But you can choose a different way if you want, although it might mean more checks.

Minimum Withdrawal Limits

The least amount you can take out from Betvisa casino is 1,000 Indian Rupees, no matter which method you pick. This is how much you need:

a. UPI: 1,000 INR

b. IMPS: 1,000 INR

c. Paytm: 1,000 INR

d. PhonePe: 1,000 INR

Withdrawal Timeframes

How long it takes to get your winnings from Betvisa casino can vary. Here’s why:

a. First Time Verification: The first time you take out money, they’ll check your bank account info. This can make things take longer.

b. Busy Times: If lots of people are trying to take out money at the same time (like during popular games or holidays), it might take longer.

Once you’ve done your first withdrawal and picked a payment method, you’ll usually get your winnings in 15 minutes to 3 hours.

If you change your mind and want to cancel a withdrawal while it’s still being processed, just talk to Betvisa’s support team. You can reach them on the website, in the app, and through WhatsApp and Telegram.

Wagering Requirements

Wagering requirements are basically the amount or number of times one needs to bet in a particular game to be able to withdraw money. Moreover, for each game it is different. Also, the winnings from bonuses are also not allowed to withdraw, unless you complete the wagering requirements. 


Getting your winnings from Betvisa Casino is simple and safe. Just follow these steps and remember the tips, and you’ll have your money in no time. Also, focus on completing all the wagering requirements as well. Enjoy your online casino experience and good luck!

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