Downswing in Poker- Stop Tilting and Win More Often

If you are on this page, it definitely means you are quite fond of poker. And, if you are playing it for a while. There might come a point in your life, where you keep losing continuously. This is a poker downswing. It could be due to many reasons. Either the opponent can be more skillful than you. Or maybe you are not fully into the game. Likewise, many other things can give you consistent losses.

Though, you need not get stuck with those thoughts. No, it is not happening with just you. Even pro players face this during their careers. In fact, there is none of the players whose winning streak never broke. So, just take it as a part of the game.

How to deal with poker downswing?

So, when you are in a casino poker game. And, you are on a losing streak. It means you are losing not just the game but a lot from your bankroll. Besides this, there are other negative effects of poker downswing too. It makes your thinking capacity weak. You get nervous and negatively aggressive. Thus, players end up making silly mistakes. And, lose even more.

So, the first thing to do is manage your Bankroll.

Keep a check over your Bankroll

Let us take an example. Assume, you are on a table with a large buy-in. And, all you have is the amount to sit on that table once. But, that inner voice says that you are going to win. Which of course is just a voice of lies. A poker downswing can happen to anyone. Now, if you lose your first and only buy-in you have. There is nothing you can do about it.

The pro players always keep enough amount in their bankrolls to refill the buy-ins multiple times. This strategy can help you to tackle the losses.


When you are in the trap of poker downswing. However, you are a good player. But, with every penny leaving your pocket, your mind fills with confusion. The stress makes you take stupid decisions. This change in the level of your game due to a flood of emotions is tilting. And, it makes things worse.

Now, emotional intelligence is quite a difficult task. You can not learn it overnight. And, if you can not do that. Then the only option we are left with while poker downswing is, simply to leave the table. Believe me, it will save you a lot of money at times.

Learn about Poker Downswing

Now when you are losing. You must not play anymore. Instead, keep researching the techniques to overcome this. Here are a few of the tips to tackle it.

1.    Do not rely on Luck

Some players wish for a better hand when losing. You can be lucky. But, it is definitely just a probability. In fact, during tilting, you might not even win with good hands. It’s all about decision-making during the game. So, believe in the strategy instead of being lucky.

2.    Stick to the strategy

If you have given enough time in learning some poker strategies. And when you are losing again and again. You might start questioning the strategy you are using. That is the worst thing you can do during a poker downswing. Always, stick to your strategies. And, play accordingly. Do not let emotions overcome you.

3.    Relax and take a break

This is the most effective thing to do when you are under the stress of losses. Simply stop the game. And, have some rest to calm yourself. It will assist you to regain your focus. As for a game of poker, the focus is one most important ingredients.

4.    Get into theory

Players can also just refresh their strategies by going through it. Also, there are ample blogs, articles, videos, and many more things to look into. Not all, but some will definitely help you out. Not playing will relax your mind. And, studying about it will help you with the mistakes you might be making.


Poker downswing and tilting can make you lose huge if you are not taking care of it. By following the above methods, you will get back to the winning days. Just, do not get back into the game unless you are precise with your strategy. And, your mind must be as calm as it can be.

Hope you guys find this article useful. I will be extremely glad if this could help you in any way. So, keep playing with caution. Hope when you win, you will remember this.

Good luck!!!

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