Does Six Card Charlie offer the best chance of beating the dealer?

Six-Card Charlie is famous among gamblers. It is a European blackjack game. There is a need to double down on two-hand totals of 9. 10, or 11. There is also an option to split 4s, 5s, or 10-value cards. We can also play blackjack six-card charlie with an eight-deck of 52 cards.

One of the most popular casino card games is blackjack. People love to play these games because they are easy to learn. It is a fast-paced game with lots of fun. It is also a great option when we play this game for the first time.

Casinos discovered Charlie’s Blackjack Rules to bring the house down in a sea of side bets. Players use sneaky strategies to win the games. We can play this game in online casinos as well.

How to Play Six Card Charlie Blackjack?

We must know how to play Six Card Charlie blackjack. It is the same as traditional games. You are close to 21 with your card value. Your whole bet is forfeit if you exceed 21, which is called a “bust.” There is an option to select “hit”, “stand”, “double down”, or “stand” in blackjack. It helps to beat the dealer.

There are many players at the blackjack table. The only motive is to beat the dealer. The dealer deals two face-up cards to each player at the beginning of each round. Next, the dealer takes two cards face-up and two face-down for himself. Casino players recognize face-up cards as upcards and face-down cards as the hole card.

When the dealer’s upcard is 10, it offers insurance. For players, insurance is a side bet that allows them to place a bet. It is usually half their initial bet to protect themselves. Dealers can check for blackjack.

A player without natural forfeits his or her bet if blackjack exists. On any insurance side bet, we pay out 3:2 to the player. When players have a blackjack push, it means they do not lose nor gain money from their hands. There is a dealer’s upcard is 10 and the chance to check blackjack. At this time, they don’t offer insurance. When the dealer has blackjack, they push their bets.

The game continues if the dealer does not find 21 when checking for blackjack. There is a need to select four options, such as:

  • When we want to receive another card from the dealer, we ask for a “hit”.
  • And when we are happy with our hands, there is a need to ask to “stay”.
  • When we are confident that adding a new card allows us to win against a dealer. We ask for a “double down.” There is also a chance to place an equal bet on the table. We exchanged it for one card from the dealer.
  • Also, we can ask to “split” your hand, which treats each card individually, increasing our chances of winning if we have pairs.

Six-card Charlie Blackjack gives chances to win the game. Getting 21 or less after receiving six cards from the dealer is an automatic win. In this situation, we pay out 3: 2. We cannot hit 21 with six cards to win the game. It is interesting to know that six-card Charlie’s hands appear once in every 400 hands.

Six Card Charlie Blackjack Rules

The rules of six-card Charlie blackjack are easy and short. It is also similar to standard games. Here we check Six Card Charlie’s blackjack rules.


  • With six cards Charlie’s payout is similar to natural blackjack.
  • A six-card hand that doesn’t bust wins automatically.
  • The dealer always stands on a soft 17.
  • Its double down is also allowed on 9, 10, or 11.
  • Splitting is allowed once per hand.
  • The splitting is forbidden on 4s, 5s, and 10s.
  • We played the game with eight decks of 52 cards each.

The value of each card in Six Card Charlie blackjack is different.

  • The value of an Ace is 11 or 1. It also depends on the cards in hand.
  • The value of J, Q, and K is 10.
  • We value all the remaining cards according to their number.

Six Card Charlie’s Blackjack Strategies

The Six Card Charlie hand can pay out a lot of money. It happens rarely, so it’s not wise to focus on it. There is a need to focus on solid game strategies. It helps in winning without a six-card combination.

Different Six-Card Charlie Blackjack Strategies

  • Hard Hand Six Card Charlie
  • Soft Hand Six Card Charlie
  • Double Down, Six Cards Charlie

These are the best strategies to win the games. We must know about these methods. We can win games with these proven strategies.

Six Card Charlie Blackjack Tips for Winning

Every gambler has their tips to win six-card charlie blackjack. We must follow the best tip so we can win the game. There is a need to stick to our budget. We know it is a fast-paced and thrilling game. It is necessary to stick budget and get a more positive experience. Patience is imperative in this game. Most of the time, players get impatient while playing this game. There is also a need to practice different strategies. It helps in winning games with a good margin.

Wrap Up

Six Card Charlie is an interesting game. Experts can easily beat the dealer with this game. We can use different strategies to win these games. Our win does not need to depend on Six Card Charlie. There is a need to play the game with focus. We also play this game in online games.

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