Craps Buy Bets: A Complete Guide | Effective Strategies For Success

Craps is a thrilling casino game that offers a wide range of betting options. Those including the “buy bets.” Thus, in this guide, we will delve into the concept of buy bets in craps. Also provide you with essential strategies to maximize your chances of success. From understanding buy bets to exploring different strategies, this article will equip you with the knowledge necessary to make right decisions at the craps table.

I. Understanding Craps Buy Bets

Craps buy bets are a type of wager that allows players to bet on specific numbers before they appear. Unlike place bets, which are made after the point is established, buy bets can be placed at any time during the game. It is essential to grasp the following key aspects of buy bets:

A. Definition and Purpose

Buy bets involve placing a wager on a particular number (4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10) before it appears. These bets pay out at true odds, but a commission is typically charged by the casino.

B. Buy Bet Payouts and House Edge

Craps Buy bets pay out at true odds. It means the payout matches the actual probability of the number being rolled. The house edge on buy bets varies depending on the number selected, ranging from 1.67% to 4.76%.

C. Buy Bets vs. Place Bets

Buy bets are often compared to place bets since both involve wagering on specific numbers. However, buy bets offer better payouts and lower house edges than place bets.

II. Basic Craps Buy Bet Strategies

To improve your chances of success with buy bets, consider the following fundamental strategies:

A. Identifying the Best Bets

Focus on numbers with lower house edges, such as 4 and 10, which carry a 2.44% edge. Also, these numbers provide better odds for players.

B. Evaluating the House Edge

Understanding the house edge associated with each number will help you make informed decisions. Thus, remember to select bets with lower edges to increase your potential returns.

C. Proper Betting Amounts

Adjust your betting amounts according to your bankroll and risk tolerance. It is advisable to bet within a range that allows you to sustain losses while also maximizing potential winnings.

III. Advanced Craps Buy Bet Strategies

For seasoned craps buy bets players, consider these advanced craps buy bet strategies to further enhance your buy bet approach:

A. 3 Point Molly

The 3 Point Molly is a strategy to place buy bets using the Pass Line bet. The numbers to bet on are 8, 6, and 5.

B. Combined Betting

Combining buy bets with other wagers, such as the Come bet or Field bet, can diversify your betting approach and offer additional opportunities to win.

C. Dividing Your Bets

You can place multiple bets on different results to decrease losses. Doing this, you can save your investment. And you might win too.

IV. Risk-Reward Ratio

Consider the following risk-reward factors when making buy bets:

A. High-Risk, High-Reward Bets

Numbers with higher house edges, such as 4 and 10, carry higher risks but offer potentially higher payouts.

B. Moderate-Risk, Moderate-Reward Bets

Numbers like 5, 6, and 8 fall into this category. Thus, provide a balance between risk and reward.

C. Low-Risk, Low-Reward Bets

Numbers with lower house edges, such as 9, come with lower risks but offer relatively smaller payouts.

V. Bankroll Management

Implementing effective bankroll management techniques is crucial for long-term success in craps. Consider the following tips:

A. Setting a Budget

Create a gambling budget. Also, Stick to this budget. And avoid chasing losses.

B. Proper Bet Sizing

Adjust your bet sizes based on your bankroll. Also, avoid overbetting and risking too much of your funds on a single bet.

C. Knowing When to Stop

Set win and loss limits to help you determine when to walk away from the table. It’s crucial to avoid letting emotions dictate your actions.

VI. Common Mistakes to Avoid

Steer clear of these common buy bet pitfalls:

A. Chasing Losses

Avoid to chase losses by increasing your bets. Thus, stick to your strategy and remain disciplined.

B. Overbetting

Betting beyond your means can empty your bankroll. Thus, Stick to your predetermined bet sizes. Also, avoid taking unnecessary risks.

C. Ignoring Bankroll Management

Neglecting proper bankroll management can lead to huge losses. Thus, always prioritize responsible gambling practices.

VII. Practice and Experience

To enhance your craps skills, consider the following:

A. Free Online Craps Games

Utilize free online craps games to practice your craps buy bet strategies without risking real money. Thus, it allows you to refine your skills and gain confidence.

B. Land-Based Casino Opportunities

Visit local casinos and participate in live craps games to gain experience. You might learn something from players with experience.

C. Joining Craps Communities

Engage with fellow craps lovers in online forums and communities. Sharing craps buy bet strategies and experiences can help you improve your game.


Craps buy bets offer a unique opportunity for players to strategically wager on specific outcomes. Also, by understanding the fundamentals of buy bets and employing effective craps buy bet strategies, you can increase your odds of success at the craps table. Thus, remember to approach craps with discipline, practice responsible bankroll management, and continuously learn from your experiences. With time and dedication, you can become a skilled craps player who capitalizes on the excitement of buy bets.

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