Continuation Bet: Getting The Most Out Of Your C-Betting

If you are a poker fan and you play it quite often. Then you must be aware of the term “continuation bet”. Now when you bet on the flop and already did raise the bet on the pre-flop, it gives you an edge over other players. Earlier, a lot of pro players used this method to win huge. In fact, even new players do the same too. And that too at every single game. Of course, they made a fortune from it too. However, with changes in time, the technique becomes complex. But, it still works effectively.

Overall, the aggressive playing strategy in continuity at every single hand is a continuation bet. The player either raises or bets at every position. With enough equity in hand, this method proves to be quite useful.

Why is C-Bet used?

As you are well aware of the continuation bet now. Now we will discuss the reasons behind the usage of c-bet.

The first reason to use c-bet is that it makes the opponent think that you have a strong hand. As, if you start raising from the very first position, the opponent feels that the cards may be good enough. He or she will be in a dilemma even after having strong cards with them. Let’s say, they still match your bet. But, in the next position, you raise again. Now, the opponents will be on the back foot. This is the reason the continuation bet is made.

The best time to C-Bet

To go for a continuation bet, keep the below factors in mind.

1. Your Position in the game

During a Poker game, you can either be the first one to play or the last one. In position is the word for the last turn player and out position for the first one. Obviously, if you are, at last, you have complete information about the table. Therefore, you can act accordingly.

On the other hand, one needs to be extra cautious due to little information. Also, bluffing works rarely when you are in out position.

2. Count of players on the table

If there are more players playing with you, the continuation bet is difficult to execute. As it must be bigger as per the pot. Also, each player will have a different thinking pattern. You need to make a bet keeping all of them in mind.

Cbet bluffing will work best against the guy who folds easily against big bets. But, if such a player plays, it means he or she is playing with a strong hand. So, it’s better to put a stop to c-bet.

3. Pot Equity

Pot equity means estimating whether you will win or not if everyone calls. To judge this, you must have enough experience. There are certain rules to that.

  1. If you are at a single draw away from a flush or straight, you can definitely go for a c-bet. In fact, you can bluff with it too. There are fair winning chances.
  2. The backdoor draws in which you need two continuous cards to make a straight or flush is also a good bet.
  3. There are times when you think that the opponent has a poorer hand than yours. At such times, a continuation bet is definitely not an option. Low equity stands no chance.

Favorable winning percentage through c-bet

The answer to this question can not be accurate. You can just estimate the winning percentage by taking in consideration all of the factors above. The optimum winning percentage is somewhere around sixty percent. This will give you enough edge to bluff.


All in all, a continuation bet is quite useful in the game of poker. You can always take chances with c-bet. And, make sure you have enough information about the strategy.

Also, do not just use it blindly. Keep in check all the factors such as opponent type, number of players on the table, equity, and other affecting factors. You must understand that to apply this strategy you need to have practical experience beforehand. You can just play with random friends for fake money. Though the real poker game does have a different type of tension during the game. Still, you will get an idea of that.

Hope you will win huge money after reading this. Believe me, if you are at the end of this article, you are already better than many new players. So, keep up the caution. And, good luck.

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