Blackjack Switch Game – Rules & Tips: A Guide

If you are on this page, I assume you are already aware of Blackjack. The game has a lot of players from all over the world. However, we do have a different version of it. Though the original version is difficult for some. Thus, the blackjack switch game came into existence. Not many live casinos offer this game. But, you can get on many of the online casinos that offer blackjack switch games to play.

With little changes in the original version, the new game offers many additional features. Its popularity is rising each day. There are chances that it will be available in more land-based casinos.

Major changes

Following are the points at which the blackjack switch game varies from the original one.

  • It has a few of the features from the game of poker. Specifically from Pai Gow.
  • The games give a fair chance to players to win big.
  • Also, if you love the strategy of a game. The game is for you. This was missing in the blackjack.
  • There are side bets available too.

Learn to play

It is not very difficult to play a blackjack switch game. Let us understand with the following steps.

1. Dealing with the cards

In blackjack switch games too, you need to be close to the number 21. But the dealing of the cards is a bit different. Here, the dealer will give you two hands. And, each hand will consist of two cards. Also, the dealer will distribute one hand to themselves too. One of the cards of the dealer faces up. And, the other one is faced down.

2. Match your cards

Now in the next step, the player will arrange the hand with which he or she wants to continue.

The player has multiple options to choose from. You can split the cards if you have a pair. Or, if you decide to stand up, just wave your hand over the bet. Also, you can ask to hit the card by tapping on the table in front of the hand you want to hit for.

One can also switch the two cards to create the final two hands and proceed with the blackjack switch game.

3. Dealer’s Turn

Once you are done make your hands strong. The dealer comes into the picture. He just turns the face up of the card facing the table. Keep in mind, the dealer does not bust at 22. He can still push the bet. And, if he gets either seventeen or twenty. His hand will be against all the players.

Rules of the game

Here are some rules of the blackjack switch game which you must be aware of.

1. First and foremost rule to follow is, in blackjack switch games the dealer can continue even after 22. Until the player gets 21 and beats it.

2. Usually in the game of blackjack, winnings are in the ratio of 3:2. Whereas the blackjack switch game pays 1/1.

3. Insurance is also available in this game. And, it pays as 2/1.

4. If the player has either a 10 or an Ace. He can have a peek at the other card.

5. Players can also double down the bets even after splitting.

Tips and Strategies to follow

Here are a few of the tips which might come in handy for you while playing the blackjack switch game.

1. The first is the general tip to follow while playing any casino games. You must fix an amount with which you will play. Do not cross that budget if you lose or win.

2. If you get five, six, seven, or eight, you must always hit it.

3. However, there is no use in playing if you have seventeen, eighteen, nineteen, or twenty. Simply stand up at those.

4. Most importantly, split it with a pair of Aces in hand.

5. At insurance rates, the edge of the house is quite high. It is around 5.9%. Thus, avoid it.


The blackjack switch game is different in many aspects from the blackjack. The variant still has a lot of similarities too. As the concept of blackjack at 21 is still untouched. Players might find this version easier to understand and play. The strategies are easy to grasp. And, using it practically requires some practice.

If you are at this line, you are already a better player than many. But, play with caution. It will let you keep your winning or put a bar on how much you want to lose.

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