Blackjack Counting: Learn the Art of Hi-Lo Card Counting

The game blackjack is quite famous in the movies as well as in the real world. The players find it difficult to beat the house. They usually play it by relying totally on luck. But, there are ways to enhance your chances of winning. Yes, I am talking about counting cards. You might have seen in the movies, someone using such techniques. And, you definitely have wondered. That, how cool it will be if you can do the same. That is not magic. But, just a precise calculation.

Now below we are going to discuss ‘hi lo card counting’ technique. Briefly, there is assigning of values to each card. Keep a record of counting with each deck.

Now let us discuss the method in detail.

How does it work?

This method of counting cards is extremely famous in the betting world. As per this, if the count is positive, it means the conditions are favorable. And, you can make bigger bets, as the count rises. You may not do the counting openly. As you need to trick the house consistently. So, the positive count is good. If your count is rising towards the positive side, it means more high cards are there in the deck. That’s all you have in hi lo card counting.

Keep a track of all cards

In hi lo card counting, the player needs to assign numbers to each of the cards. Basically, we assign any of the cards, either of the three values. Those are plus one, zero, and minus one. So, the cards from twos to sixes represent the value of plus one. And the cards tens, jacks, queens, aces, and kings have the value of minus one. Apart from those, there are a few cards that have no value at all, or just zero. Those cards are sevens, eights, and nines.

When and how much to bet?

As per the above discussion, in hi lo card counting you need to bet more when the count is increasing. With each addition of count, you can make your betting units bigger. But, we need to stay hidden with our technique. As, if we start winning big, the house will keep an eye on us. Though counting cards is not illegal. But, casinos have the right to say no to any player playing any game. Therefore, do not be obvious with the technique.

Practice, Practice, and Practice

It might sound extremely easy to you. But believe me, without enough practice, it is like reading a book on driving a car. You know it theoretically, but you can not use it in real life. Therefore, keep practicing the skill.

Now, there are a few points you need to keep in mind while practicing. Those are:

  1. Most of the time, dealers use their high-speed cards. You might not even get the chance to count the cards. So, do the whole deck of cards in under 20-25 seconds.
  2. Now if you are doing it right, you will end up at the very round zero.
  3. Do not get irritated when you get a wrong count at the end. Yes, it is a pretty simple math calculation. But, during the actual match, there are a lot of diversions. So, at the beginning, you might get it wrong. Eventually, the accuracy will be precise.

Apart from the above points, there is a method to test your skill. So, keep a card out of a deck without seeing. Now, start the hi-lo card counting. And, at last guess the card you kept out. If you are right, you are definitely good to go.

Tip to count

Now, you are well aware of the numbers for each card. But, when you add those, just keep the count in pairs. For instance, if you have an ace and a two. You just consider it as zero. As they cancel each other. This will make the whole process of hi lo card counting easier.


So, above is everything you want to know about card counting. Now, all you have to do is practice your skill. Do not rush to use it in the game of blackjack with actual money on the bet. Make sure you are good with the strategy first.

Hope you will not forget us when you make huge wins using this. And, we wish you do win. Good luck. And, play with caution.

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