Blackjack card counting strategy. And how to count cards in Blackjack

 Well, counting cards is tough in blackjack strategy but it is not at all illegal. Although most casinos do not allow this. This can move you out of the casinos.

Well, if you know the game really well, then it is a great way to understand when the odds are in your favor.

Learning the basics of blackjack card counting and then learning some of the advanced card counting strategies, can easily increase your blackjack skills and will increase the chances of hitting it big.

Counting the cards can be divided into 4 steps:

  • You need to assign a value to each and every card.
  • Make sure to keep a running count that is based on the values of the card dealt.
  • You need to use this information for calculating the count per deck, also known as the true count.
  • Well, change your bets as the true count rises.

Counting the cards is simple but it is going to take time for you to master the technique. Let us see some of the best blackjack strategy.

Types of the strategies for Blackjack Card Counting

Hi-lo system:

Well, this is one of the best and simplest forms of blackjack strategy. This is the most basic form of cord counting technique that is based on Edward’s thorp’s ten-count. Well, this system is relatively useful and simple for the starting blackjack players.

In the Hi-Lo card counting system,

+1 value will be given to every card from 2 to 6 as there are low cards. Then 7,8, and 9 will be given the value of zero. Well, the ace, queen, king, and jack have a value of -1.

The counting is going to start with the first dealt cards on the deck. Well, based on the numbers and the values of the cards, the higher the positive number in the player count, the more high-value cards are in the deck and vice versa as well.

Well, the players are going to, to begin with, a count of 0 when the cards are first dealt and will proceed by dividing the number by the number of the decks in the shoe.

It is a recommendation to the card counters to begin practicing with one deck before you are moving on to the various other complex systems.

Omega II system:

The Omega II system is a blackjack strategy that is an intermediate level of card counting technique. This is by Bruce Carlson and is also a multi-level system. This is where some cards get a count of the two-point and some others will get the count of the 1-point.

There are cards 2,3, and 7 that have the values of +1. The low cards are like 4,5, and 6 will be given the values of +2. Well, 9 is equal to -1 while the 10 and the face cards king, queen, and jack will get the mark of -2. The aces and the eights will get the count of 0.

This card system is a balanced card counting system which implies that the player will arrive at 0 when all the cards are dealt with.

Hi-Opt I & II Systems:

The option of Hi-Opt I & II Systems will provide you with two options which are Hi-Opt I & Hi-Opt II.

In the method of the Hi-Opt I System, the 3,4,5, and 6 will be given the value of +1. The king, queen, jack, and tens will be given the value of -1. The ace, 2, 7, 8, or 9 then will be given the value of 0.

This is balanced just like the Hi-lo system and the players need to keep the running count and be able to make good betting decisions. The Hi-Opt II is also known as the balance system with different values that assign to every card.

The +1 value is given to the 2,3,6,7. Then the players need to add two to their running count when they see the cards such as 4 and 5. With 10 and the face cards, the players need to subtract 2 from the running count. For an ace, 8, or 9, the value is 0.

Wong Halves system:

Well, the system of Wong halves is easy as it is a three-level blackjack card counting system by Stanford wong. Just like the Omega II, this is also one balanced system. When the deck of cards has been dealt with, then the final result on the calculations is going to amount to zero.

Well, the players are given the advice to calculate the real counts after every deck has been dealt.

RED 7 system:

Well, the Red 7 system of counting the cards in the blackjack is very simple as well as easy for beginners. This is a one-level system that is based on the principle of high vs low cards.

The higher cards will assign with the value of -1. The lower cards will get the mark of value of +1. The 8’s and 9’s will get the mark of Zero. The color also plays an important role in this too.

The higher the final count, the better it is going to be for the players.

Well, these are the best Blackjack strategy that can help you in improving your luck. 

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