Betvisa Bangladesh: Play Online And Get 10% Weekly Cashback On Sports

If you’re a hardcore sports lover and enjoy the thrill of online betting, Betvisa Bangladesh has an exciting promotion just for you. Though the casino has quite a lot of promotional offers. But of course, there are always some unique ones that bring more to the table than others. Therefore, with a commitment to providing the best gaming experience, the Betvisa app is offering a generous 10% weekly cashback on sports, giving you the opportunity to play big and win big.

Thus, in this article, we’ll dive into the details of this exciting promotion as well as the terms and conditions that apply. Let’s get in.

Promotion Details:

1. Bonus:

This means you’ll get some extra money added to your betting account. Bonus is basically quite appealing for all kinds of players. Also, a lot of new players join the Betvisa casino to gain benefit from the promotional offers they provide. Such as, in this weekly cashback bonus, you get 10% extra.

2. Maximum Withdrawal:

Usually, there is always a limit on the amount a user can withdraw after making a win from the But, in this bonus of Betvisa, you can take out as much money as you want from your account. There’s no limit on it.

3. Game Type:

This offer is specifically only for sports betting in the Betvisa app. Thus, you can not claim it while playing any other game in this online casino. Therefore, you can bet on different sports such as football, basketball, or cricket.

4. Turnover:

You only need to use the bonus money once. Thus, if you get a bonus of 10, you need to place bets that add up to 10. Well, it is obvious that you can not place the bets more than you have in your Betvisa account.

5. Frequency:

This happens every week on Betvisa Bangladesh. You can enjoy and earn from this bonus once between start to the end of the week. Thus, you can get the bonus money each week.

Terms and Conditions:

At the Betvisa app, each of the bonuses do have many conditions associated with it. You must not miss any of it at all. Here are few:

1. Timing:

The Betvisa Bangladesh bonus money will be added to your account on Mondays between 2 PM and 3 PM (GMT+7). It is well known for its timely delivery of your bonus. Also, the offer happens every week and ends on Sundays at 11:59 PM (GMT+7).

2. Maximum Weekly Cashback:

The most extra money you can get in a week is VND 65,000,000. Yes, that is the highest limit of the cashback you can get in the interval of one week. This seems to be more than a fair limit on it. In fact, this is a lot of money you can win.

3. Participation Requirement:

To get this bonus at Betvisa app, you need to put some money into your account at least once during the promotion time. Basically, it is a 10% rebate. Therefore, if you do not put money in it, then you can not place bets. Thus, you can not claim the bonus.

4. Exclusive Promotion:

You can’t combine this offer with other offers. You get the full 10% bonus. But, if you try to use it along with any other bonus, you will lose both.

5. Single Account Policy:

You can only have one account. If you try to have more than one or do something dishonest, they will lock your accounts and take away your deposits.

6. Wagering Calculation:

If you make bets where you try to win on both sides or the game is canceled, those bets don’t count towards using your bonus money.

7. BetVisa’s Right to Modify:

The company, BetVisa, can change or stop this offer if they want to, but they’ll be fair about it. However, if you don’t feel it is right, you can not argue with them at all.

8. BetVisa’s Terms & Conditions:

You should also read as well as understand all the general rules of the BetVisa app to make sure you play the game fairly as well as enjoy those smoothly. As it helps you to make the most money out of those kinds of bonus offers.


Betvisa Bangladesh’s 10% weekly cashback on sports is a fantastic opportunity for sports lovers to enjoy their favorite games and potentially win big. With generous and easy terms and conditions, such as unlimited withdrawals and a simple turnover requirement, this promotion adds excitement to your sports betting journey. Remember to deposit at least once during the promotional period to take advantage of this offer, and be sure to follow BetVisa’s single account policy and other terms to ensure a seamless gaming experience. Don’t miss out on the chance to play big and win big with Betvisa Bangladesh’s weekly cashback on sports!

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