Andrucci Roulette Betting System: What is it?

Know Exactly What Is Andrucci System And Its Origin

Andrucci Betting System is a form of gambling and can win you bets in Roulette. This system is an ancient one and exists right since the 1900s. The Andrucci System is more like a combination of mathematics and physics. 

Well, when the brick-and-mortar model of Casinos was popular. The Andrucci betting systems were making profits over the bets. 

The reason for Andrucci roulette is simple, it needs skills of probability and the advantage of the slanted table. By using this the chances of winning were up by almost 20%.

The Logic Of The Andrucci System

The Andrucci Betting System works with the principle of finding the right number for you. This system is just like a raindrop and ground. When it starts raining you can see a few raindrops hitting the ground. Some spots of the ground are dry, some spots are slightly wet, and some spots are dark. 

The reason is simple, raindrops hit some spots twice or thrice to make it dark, the wet spots are the ones with one strike of a raindrop. Obviously, the dry spots are the ones with no interaction with the raindrops.

With time, you can see that the ground is wet entirely and no spot of the ground is dry. So with the same logic if you keep betting on a number at some point it will occur. But, the Andrucci system is about finding those spots that will hit more raindrops. 

In simple words, by using the Andrucci betting system. You can get to know about numbers that are more probable to be hit in the initial betting rounds. So, you are increasing your chances of winning eventually. 

Implementation Of The Andrucci System

The slanted table advantage is not applicable to online gambling. But the advantage of online gambling is the recording system. Let us know stepwise how to implement the Andrucci betting system:

Step 1: you have to observe one set of roulette bets. Now you have to pick one or a few lucky numbers that were occurring frequently. If you cannot remember then note all the numbers. Well, in online gambling you can see all the numbers. So, the number occurring most of the time is your lucky number.

Step 2: Now, use that lucky number for at least 25 bets. Depending on your lucky number you can gain a majority of the profit. Or sometimes you can just compensate for the best you lost.

Final Step: Once done, you can again observe the bets and get a lucky number. It is best if you use your lucky number for short-term bets and gain profit. 

For Whom Is The Andrucci System

If you are the one who trusts the probability game and wants to make a profit in the short-term game. Then without a shadow of a doubt, the Andrucci betting system is for you. However, if you want to play it safe and don’t want to lose money then you can try any other plan.

Pros And Cons Of The Andrucci System


As the probability of your lucky number is high, the winning is also maximum. So with mathematics and probability, you can make a major win or even win a streak of bets. However, you will need luck and little guts for this kind of bet.


This system is best for the short term and will give loss if you play for the long term. Also, there is no guarantee that the lucky number will be the most probable number in your bet. So there are chances that you may lose all your bets. It is always good to trust your instincts, but there is no sure-shot win out of this betting system.

Does Andrucci System Work Every Time?

The Andrucci betting system has a high success ratio. But this does not mean that you will win every time. However, the betting system is just a permutation and combination of various numbers. This is not a law to get the desired result every time. In fact, the very thing that you won’t win all the time is what makes gambling more interesting.

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