A Guide to Three Card Poker Games Rules, Strategy, and Odds

Poker games have been present in the market since the 19th century. With time, it has become even more popular and has spread across the globe. But, with the introduction of online poker in the 21st century, poker games have become the face of online gambling.

Users in Bangladesh are now more aware of gambling, as their economy opens up. Physical casinos do not exist legally in Bangladesh because of their anti-gambling laws. Online gambling companies from foreign locations have since made their way into the market.

Online Poker games have become popular in the Bangladeshi market too. The Three card poker game is one of the most sought-after poker games. It is a casino table game that comes from the concept of Poker.

Here in this article, we will discuss the simple rules you need to learn before playing three-card poker. Also, you must learn different strategies and odds to bet. We will discuss all the aspects of the game below.

Three Card Poker: A Preview

The game was invented by Derek Webb in 1994. The aim was to create a version that plays with the same speed as other table games. Webb did an analysis and put forward a mixture of three key features that made the game popular.

The features include-

  • Making easy rules for anyone to understand
  • Spilling big payouts to attract players
  • Always give the house an edge to attract more dealership

The game then spread across different casinos in the UK and USA. With the introduction of online casinos, the game became more widespread and is present on every online casino site.

Three Card Poker’s Rules

The three-card poker is played with three cards. You must keep in mind that you are not playing against other players. It’s the dealers that you are playing against. The first hand begins when the player places an ante in the box and receives three cards.

Now, based on the hand they are dealt, the players have two options to choose from:

  • Play- where the player continues his hand by matching their ante bet.
  • Fold- where the players give up their ante without risking more money.

If you decide to play ahead, you need to match the ante bet. Suppose the ante bet was BDT 500, then you must bet another BDT 500 for the total of BDT 1000. Now, it’s the dealer’s turn to reveal their hands. 

If you manage to beat the dealer’s hand. You get 1 to 1 on your ante bet. And if the dealer gets a card as high as Queen or better, you get paid only on the ante bet.

If either of these outcomes does not appear, then you will get back your play bet, and you can only bank your winnings on the ante. As long as the dealer’s hand contains at least a Queen, they will qualify.

In case it is a Jack-high or lower, you only get paid on the ante bet. Again, if you get dealt three of the same kind of cards, you net 4 to 1 on your sum. If you get a straight flush, you gain a 5 to 1 on your ante bet.

Three Card Poker Winning Strategy

There are two basic strategies that players must follow during the game:

  • You must play all hands of the value of Q-6-4 or better, including pairs
  • Fold everything else in the game

The game is straightforward and does not need a big strategy. All you need to remember is when to play and when to fold your hands. Below are a few modern-day strategies that could help you play the game in a better way.

Let’s say that the dealer card is:

  • A Jack or lower- You must make a Play bet. The odds of the dealer’s hand being lower than yours becomes high
  • Queen- You must only play with Q, 9, 2, or even better. If the dealer has a queen, your second card must stronger
  • King- Play only with a K, 9, 2, or even better. You must have the same high card as the dealer and a stronger second card that has a better average card value.
  • Ace- Play only with A, 9, 2.

Three Card Poker Odds

Every online casino has its odds in favor of the house. In a three-card poker. The odds are set at around 96.70%. So, the house gets odd of around 3.7%. The odds might seem extraordinary, but they are not that great.

Thus, by following the three-card poker game strategy above, you can reclaim the odds in your favor. With the Play bet, the house edge falls to 2%. So, when you consider all the aspects, three-card poker still provides the best odds in the market.


The rules of a Three-card poker game are easy to grasp. Also, the strategies discussed above could help you beat the dealer odds and win big. Also, the odds are the best in a three-card game, in comparison to other poker games.

In any online gambling, you will win some and lose some. The same is the case with three-card poker. So, we advise you to play the game but always play it responsibly and trust genuine online casino websites only.

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