6 Blackjack secrets that everyone doesn’t know

Secrets of Blackjacks

The game of blackjack is extremely popular among casino players all over the world. There are many variants of the game available online. All that the players usually know about the game is that the person closer to 21, wins the game. In general terms, it might be true. Moreover, you can use the strategy of counting cards to win this game. Though, counting cards is not that easy for everyone. But of course, not impossible too.

However, there are many blackjack secrets that one must be aware of which one can use during the game to benefit themself. Below we are going to discuss the major 6 of those.

1. Look for the lowest house edge to play Blackjack

As you must be aware that there is a house edge in each game of blackjack. Basically, it is the percentage of what the house charges the player to deliver the service of playing in the house. Mostly, the maximum player thinks that there is a fixed percentage the house charges for all games. However, here comes the first of the blackjack secrets. There is no such thing as a fixed house edge. In fact, it differs not only for each game but for each table of the same game too.

Thus, you opt for the blackjack table with the least house edge.

2. Probabilities vary as per cards

If you are playing blackjack for a while, then you must come across the hearsay about the chances of a certain card coming next. For instance, if there are a lot of face cards coming up, then there is definitely a low probability of getting another one of them.

However, what would you say if we consider the factors like shuffling the cards or entering and exiting of players? Well, it changes the whole series. You can not guess the probability of the next card now. Therefore, there is nothing wrong with being good with numbers but one of the blackjack secrets is to evaluate other factors too. This will give you a better estimate.

3. Does the way to Shuffle matter?

A plethora of players keep a close eye on the way that the dealer shuffles the cards. However, in the modern world, casinos opt for Continuous Shuffling Machines (CSM). This keeps a check on the card-counting technique. As with counting cards, players do have the obvious edge over dealers. Moreover, if someone uses it properly, he or she can win huge. Therefore, this is the reason casinos are using CSMs to automatically shuffle the cards throughout the game.

Thus, as per the blackjack secrets you must select the table where the dealer is performing manual shuffling. Evidently, it will help you win,

4. How good is the dealer?

No, the dealers do not have the same level of the game. Professional players do keep a check on the dealer whether he is making a mistake. This is the window to win. Though experienced dealers rarely do that. In fact, they are too good to beat.

However, casinos keep hiring dealers. So, all you have to do is to look for the one with little or no experience. One can observe the table while others play. You will get to know shortly whether to play on that particular dealer’s table or not.

5. Never ask dealer’s advice

Here is one of the most important of all blackjack secrets. Many new players, when stuck during the game, ask for the dealer’s advice. The worst idea of all time. Firstly, dealers have their own set of rules to play which the casino tells them. Secondly, you do not ask the magician how he did the trick. Therefore, your opponent will never give you the right advice. In fact, the dealer will not even think from the player’s perspective. Thus, be aware of that.

6. Results of the previous game has no effect on your current game

Coming to the sixth on the list of blackjack secrets. There are numerous players who believe to win the game this time because they lost the last few games. This does not make any sense at all. As every single time, there will be shuffled cards. One can not even guess now which card you are going to get in this game. The chances of all are the same. Therefore, do not make bets while relying on such thoughts which do not assure you the win.


All in all, with the above secrets you are already steps ahead of many blackjack players. Do not just read those but keep them in mind. This will be of great assistance when you enter the next time in casino to play blackjack.

Wish you all the luck to win massively. Just do not lose focus and remember the secrets.

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